Reviewing The Best Owb Holster For Glock 19: Let’s Pick The Favorite One!

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Want your Glock 19 easily carry the holster for fitting perfectly under the shirt? Since Glock 19 is not so compact in design, it’s uncomfortable to carry in IWB holster.

And, the OWB holsters are more visible than them. Choosing the best OWB holster for Glock 19 will sufficiently retain your weapon.

Quick Answer: The 4 Best Owb Holster for Glock 19

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How To Choose The Best OWB Holster For Glock 19?

In order to buy the best OWB holster for your Glock 19 weapon, you must consider the essential factors like the cost, weight, comfort, and concealment. Take into account the type of material from which it is made.

Also, check out whether the product will be comfortable for you. Is it really easy to draw the pistol with this holster? Check this out also. Let’s have a detailed review to get all the answers you might be having right now:


You might need to wear for a long time period and hence, it will be better to get a comfortable product. You must consider the material as it’s important. For instance, if you want something comfortable against your skin, then go for a softer material.

Likewise, you can adjust it at various positions on the belt in accordance with your choice. Some holsters feature adjustable forward cant or high ride position to offer you the optimal comfort, whether you are sitting or standing.


This is the prime reason for which people think of getting a holster. Basically, it is handy enough if you are involved in physical functions which need lots of movements because it will not be safe in your pocket for example. It makes sure that the holster is held safely, thus preventing any accident caused by your pistol dropping on the ground.

Nevertheless, the OWB kind of carry conceals your gun least contrasted to the other carry type. Thus, you must wear an unbuttoned shirt or a jacket over your dress in order to hide your weapon appropriately all the time.


The weight of the holster must be lightweight so that it can compensate the weight of the Glock 19 weapon. If the OWB holster is light then it will able to prevent much amount of burden on your waistband, thus, causing the sagging of your trousers.

Hence, they must be balanced properly so that it remains comfortable and convenient for you especially for carrying for a longer time span and keeping your pistol properly concealed as well.

Benefits Of The OWB Holster

  • Comfortable: The OWB is more comfortable than IWB for the pistol users. With this product, you can utilize your cupboard that you already have, without any discomfort. Simply get a holster which can pull down the weapon comfortably against the lower torso, so that it cannot unveil itself and its contents and just lean out. The good OWB holsters come with aft and belt loops fore, not only a loop behind the pistol. It helps keep the weapon from tilting outward also.
  • Faster access: The OWB holster offers faster access than IWB. And this is where these two differ from each other the most. Drawing speed is definitely the prime difference between the two.
  • Re-holsters with ease: While performing a self-defense shooting, it is very important for the survivor to have the weapon away seamlessly and swiftly, with no problem. Undoubtedly, the OWB never goes under pressure from the surrounding belt whereas the IWB gets it. Hence, using OWB will be the simplest and easiest of all to re-holster safely and quickly.
  • More design options: If you look at any holster company that makes both styles, you will come to know that there is a wider collection of OWB designs than the IWB ones.
  • Better grip: The first grip is the best grip when you take out the firearm from the concealment. A small mistake of extracting your gun can cause a possible disaster. Most IWB holsters press the firearm flat against the material of the holster, which is in contact with your body. For getting a perfect grip and extracting it, you need to insert your thumb between the holster material and the firearm. And you can see it’s not an easy option. Usually, it’s easier to get a locked-in, complete grip on your weapon with an OWB holster. Drawing would be easier with more precise and significantly faster access. It helps you even feel the precise location of the trigger to finger it immediately after touching the holster.
  • Versatile: Among all the designs of the holsters, the OWB seems to be the most versatile one.

Top 3 Best Owb Holster For Glock 19 Reviews

Designed interestingly, the Blackhawk SERPA Sportster Right-Hand holster is excellent for duty wear and open carry. Due to its durability and dependability, this product is a favorite option for the troops. It provides faster access and helps draw the weapon with ease.

Made from a huge amount of polymer material, this product is well-known for its reliability and strength. It doesn’t get affected by dust and water and doesn’t tear as well. This product gives optimal support to the Glock 19 pistol and helps carry it comfortably. It comes with solid construction and supports any firearm an excellent way.


  • Designed with the injection molded polymer, this product comes with a strong backup of carbon fiber.
  • It is positioned tightly against the body.
  • Its drawing release button can automatically lock when your firearm is positioned back in.
  • The belt loop and paddle can be adjusted for rear and forward cant.
  • A fantastic purchase for law enforcement.
  • Made of durable materials and can protect your Glock 19 from any element.
  • Offers lots of concealment and security.
  • The open carry makes you feel more comfortable
  • Secure, versatile, and protective.
  • Faster access, reliable to use, and easy to draw the firearm.


  • Includes paddle mount only

Designed in Israel for the special security and military services of the world, the Fobus Glock – GL2E2 is the next step in the evolutionary development of holsters. Tailor-made with the ease of presentation, this helps the shooter use the firearm so abruptly.

The E2 series features a solid body construction and a protective sight channel. This lightweight product also incorporates the steel backup rivet attachment. The rubberized paddle platform helps use it with extreme comfort and makes sure maximum stability.


  • An exceptional holster with minimal fuss.
  • Designed to be flexible and lightweight.
  • Maintenance free, without any requirement of sweating, breathing, and oiling.
  • Easier to carry the Glock 19 holster.
  • Utilizes soft rubberized paddle device to secure the firearm to the waist of the user.
  • Retains a firearm by the trigger guard using a passive retention device.
  • Using this product, the user doesn’t require pressing a button, deactivating a snap, or utilizing a thumb device.
  • It makes the drawing or weapon swift and natural.
  • You can target or put Glock 19 in a few seconds.
  • Easy drawing of the weapon, without any consideration of malfunction.
  • Its standard flexibility helps the Glock 19 conceal with efforts.


  • Lack of ability to retain a firearm.

The Blackhawk MT SERPA CQC Holster Right-Hand Holster– 41050 model is a right-handed holster that works amazingly with its secure retention and re-holstering capacity. This product makes sure maximum durability due to its strong metal body construction. Providing full firing grip for drawing, this holster features immediate passive retention upon re-holstering.

It can easily conceal the Glock 19 firearm and definitely prints a lot more than an IWB holster. Alongside providing an ease of drawing, this product is way more comfortable to carry with. It won’t accidentally break or stick your finger in the trigger guard.


  • Strong metal construction ensures maximum durability.
  • It is suitable for Glock 19, 23, 32, and 36.
  • Comes with belt mount and features a paddle platform attachment
  • Helps in easy and secure re-holstering with instant retention ability.
  • Provides better and complete grip and reinforces excellent draw strategy.
  • Doesn’t let an awkward middle finger release or thumb break for slowing down your draw.
  • Speed cut helps in easy re-holster and faster draw.
  • Features SERPA Auto Lock release and passive retention detent adjustment screw.
  • Its patented SERPA Auto Lock involves the trigger guard as the firearm is holstered and does not let it go until it is released completely.


  • None with me


This review discussed above covered a list of OWB holsters which are perfect for your Glock 19. But choosing the best OWB Holster for Glock 19 depends on your daily requirements and preferences. Nevertheless, if you are a daily user of an open carry firearm, then we will recommend the Blackhawk MT SERPA CQC Holster Right Hand Holster– 41050 model. This is not just well-designed but also simple to use regularly.

Even it is more efficient than the Blackhawk Serpa Sportster Right Hand – 4135 model. The metal is very much durable and protective as a holster material and this product is flexible enough to help you adjust the tension screws. It comes with a comfortable paddle platform that is perfect for somebody who needs a secure fit. Hence, reviewing all the products listed here, we definitely find the Blackhawk MT SERPA CQC Holster Right Hand Holster– 41050 model the best of all.

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