Which is The Best Monocular for Hunting in 2023?

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When mentioning a monocular, we immediately think about a compact telescope. You only utilize one eye to observe like when you use a telescope.

The monocular designed with the smaller size than a telescope  should be ideal for scouting. With hunters, this is an essential tool.

If you are looking for the best monocular for hunting, you found the right content. We provide useful information and the best products so that you can seriously invest.

Let’s  read.

What is Monocular?

A monocular, which can magnify the images of objects in a certain distance, is a refracting telescope.

The monocular is built up with less weight and volume than the optical binoculars. Correspondingly, carrying it anywhere is easier compared to the binoculars.

By producing 2-dimensional images, monoculars suit  those who have poor vision in one eye and take the weight into consideration.

It is noticed that hunters enjoy using the monocular. Apart from the bright image and high magnification, the straight optical path is long enough to use. It is also beneficial that the product comes in pocket-sized design to enhance portability.

Obviously, it is no coincidence that monoculars are favored in hunting.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Monocular for Hunting

To get the expected monocular, you must know how to select the right monocular. Here are all that you need to consider:

Power & Magnification 

First of all, you cannot ignore the power and magnification when searching for a monocular.

Frequently, monoculars provide the magnification within 6x – 10x in range. And you can easily see details in a farther distance with higher magnification.

That said, the further  range the magnification has, the more expensive the monocular will be. To illustrate, monocular with a 6x-8x range will be cheaper than those providing a 9x-10x range.

For power, although its size is smaller than that of a binocular, the power of both items is the same.

Lens Size

Monoculars only list two numbers of the specs.

As an example, you see the 6x50mm specs from the name of one monocular. The 6 tells you the power and the 50 indicates the lens size of that monocular.

Frequently, the size of the monocular lenses is 20mm to 42mm in range. The bigger the lenses, the wider the view will be. It means that you will get a brighter image. However, the monocular with a larger lens is heavier and bulkier.

It would be best to consider carefully.

Weight & Size

The 8x25 or 10x25 monocular is very compact and portable. You can even put it in your pocket.

In these size ranges, you can  get a small carrying bag when buying these monoculars. They are less bulky to carry around and even cheaper.

Nonetheless, these size ranges are quite limited. Although the power is good enough, the view is finite.

If you want to get sharper images, you ought to select a 30mm-40mm monocular.

Night Vision

For those enjoying hunting at night, we highly recommend a night vision monocular. It has IR illuminator, which provides a good image to you even in the dark. Its drawback is the less magnification.

Porro Prism vs. Roof Prism

What is different between Porro Prism and Roof Prism?

Porro Prism

Roof Prism

  • Better value

  • Easier to adjust than Roof Prism monoculars

  • Some options are not waterproof

  • Only going through 4 various reflections, so images are brighter

  • More compact if compared to Porro Prism

  • Lightweight

  • Better built-up

  • Poor waterproof

  • Going through 6 various reflections

Best Monocular for Hunting Reviews from the Heart

There are many options available on the market when you seek a monocular for hunting. But, which is the best one?

We helped you narrow the selection with these best products below. Let’s see:

The first monocular that we want to recommend is the Bestguarder 6x50mm HD Digital Night Vision Monocular. Why is it good?

As the name suggests, this scope  has the dominant optical clarity. Provide high performance, thanks to digital night vision.

The 6x magnification and a 50mm size of the lens are the ideal numbers. They allow you to take HD photos as well as high-quality videos.

This is one of few monoculars with built in optimum infrared illuminator ~ 850Nm. The viewing distance can reach up to 1150ft/350M in a dark condition. Not mentioning the use time, you may also stamp date/time on video or photo if desired.

Really, we love the construction of the Bestguarder Monocular. It has the user-friendly interface. With the 1.5-inch TFT screen and 1-5x digital zoom, images produced become clearer.

Coming with that, there are 7 different language to set and 4 IR levels to adjust.

What about the power?

There is an external battery (not attached) to provide the power, so you can feel secure when using for an extended period to monitor.

We recommend this scope to night hunters  again. The waterproof housing is durable and the removable strap helps users hold the whole product easily. How convenient it is!


  • Record video and photo  well

  • Work well in dark conditions

  • This max viewing up to 300 meters

  • Very easy to use

  • Good for long range in low light conditions


  • It is not actually effective for short range

  • The hand grip is not in the right place to work the buttons

To come up to customer’s expectation, the Vortex Optics has released a reliable monocular for hunting – the Solo Recon Tactical Monocular.

Built-in with the 8x magnification and an optimal object lens (36mm), Vortex Optics offers an enormous selection for range estimation and observation.

Thanks to the fully multi-coated layer on lenses, the light gathering capacity of the Solo R/T is excellent. Even under the low light situations, you can clearly see your targets.

In case you want to block outside light or fold down to use with glasses, it has equipped the flared eyecup to support you.

The focus wheel is large while the reticle focus is smaller, allowing you to exactly focus the reticle and image to your eye.

Personally, we highly value its portability.

With a useful clip, you can attach it to your vest or belt for quick access anytime.

If you choose  this scope, you can also satisfy with the durability, grip, and safety. Apart from the textured rubber armor, there are nitrogen purged and O-ring sealed for fog-proof and waterproof.

So? Would you like to add the Solo R/T to your shopping list right off?


  • The construction is solid

  • Optics are very clear

  • The glass is clear and bright

  • Ranging is accurate

  • Easy to use


  • The case is cheap

  • The focusing knobs are tight

Instead of paying through the nose for the best monocular, you can save your budget with a reasonably-priced one with high quality. And here is a good suggestion for you – the Bushnell 10x42mm Legend Ultra HD Monocular.

This scope persuades us to purchase with the parts built-up.

Starting with exceptional optics, not only are they constructed with BaK-4 prisms but they also feature ED Prime Glass, PC-3 Phase Coated prism, and multi-coated optics.

That’s why the images provided are clear even if the light condition is low.

Continuously, with regard to the range and magnification, we are impressed with both. Just look at its name and  you will understand.

The magnification is 10x in range and the compact monocular can reach up to 42mm objective. These are ideal numbers if compared to other monoculars.

In extreme weather conditions such as raining, you can also use the Bushnell Monocular. The 100% fog-proof and waterproof capacity will totally protect it.

Finally, there are convenient twist-up eyecups, carry clip, and Picatinny rail. These all promise to bring comfort when using.

Do you like it?


  • Views are very sharp and bright

  • Focusing is easy with one hand

  • The optics are good

  • The big lens offers a clear vision

  • No problem for outdoor usage


  • The paracord-like strap is too thin

  • Not include the case

To Conclude With

All in all, we hope that you can pick the right monocular for your hunting demand after reading this article.

For those  enjoying hunting in the night condition, there is the Bestguarder 6x50mm HD Digital Night Vision Monocular. In the medium range, the Solo R/T from Vortex Optics is an ideal option to invest. If desired a cheaper monocular, prioritize to choose the Bushnell Monocular.

According to us, all three monoculars above deserve the title the best monocular for hunting.

Importantly, what is your demand? How much is your budget?

Let’s carefully consider and then invest seriously. Luck to you!

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