How to Choose The Best M1A Scope Mount (2021 Latest Release)

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Firstly introduced in 1959, with a 20-round in the box magazine and an upgrade from 0.6 ammunition to less than 0.3mm, the M14 was born from the most venerable of American combat arms M1 Garand.

On the other hand, the M1A is a civilian (without unused full-auto party trick) version of its previous version - the M14. 

Indeed, the M14/M1A has no scope in its design. However, some versions of it, the M21 and M24 in actual, are found to have sniper systems with a scope wearing rifle. These weapons also are designed for marksmen which are able to extend the combat squad range.

Quick Answer: The 5 Best M1A Scope Mounts

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What is the M1A Scope Mount? 

As mentioned previously, the M1A rifle is an upgrade from the M14 battle rifle, which was born from the iconic M1 Garand.

Designed from the semi-auto version of the M14, the M1A allows marksmen to enjoy all the features of the M14 at a much reasonable price in comparison with the original. We all know that the M14 is well-known for its mount a scope in the box, and so is the M1A rifle.

In this article, we gonna go round and find down what is the best M1A scope mount that worth for considering!

Measure Factors: 

Before we start analyzing anything about this ideal rifle, let’s take a look at four measurement factor used in this article, in making a wise decision:

  • PRICE: The first and foremost factor is the price tag. Indeed, the price has a huge influence on our buying decision, in all cases! Be wise and be practical in comparing rifle mounting accessory that fit your optics at your price range. The good news is that there are numerous trusted brands available in the market with different price ranges for you to consider and choose from.
  • DEPENDABILITY: The best M1A for you is never the best one in the market, but the one which is best linked between your optics and your desired rifles. Obviously, if you have a premium quality of rifle and superior scope on hand but your scope mount is incredibly low, so, everything is just a waste!
    In particular, a dependable scope mount is aimed to keep the scope in its place despite how harsh the condition is. On the other hand, the mounting accessory secures the optics and function to maximize the potential of the rifle.
  • PERFORMANCE: What performance means? Performance is a vital element that measures your achieved target on securing your desired optics.
    It is the answer to the question of how good the rifle is and is it worth for your money or not? Without a good scope mount, you can’t get your wanted performance and reach to the full potentials of the arsenals.
    Generally, the rifle mount constructions (and its design) all contribute to the performance of the rifle. However, its scope mounts, in actually, have no direct influence on both your shooting performance and skill boosts.
  • EASE OF SET-UP: The last factor is whether the scope mount is user-friendly or not. The easier it is in installing a scope mount, the more optimal performance you can reach in shooting combat. An easy-to-setup option will allow you a hassle-free assembly (or reassembly) or removal in need. This factor mainly depends on how sophisticated (and detailed) the instruction manual is.

In-depth Review on Our Top Picks

Now, when you got all the factors needed to measure the scope mount, we gonna go the overall review of some trusted brands in the rifle market: the Springfield Armory Generation 4 M1A Scope Mount, the Sadlak Industries M1A/M14 Scope Mount (Steel) and the Sadlak Industries M14 Scope Mount (Aluminum).

Let’s start with the first one:

Before analyzing anything about this scope mount, we have to warn you that it is so hard to find anything critical about this product. It was, actually, born and built from the same factory with the legendary Springfield M1A. We don’t have to tell you how great the Springfield M1A is, it is a legend, we all know it, right?

  • PRICE: The price of this model is absolutely reasonable with just around a hundred dollar (or a little more, depending on the price variation across the market). If you can find promotion from trusted distributors, the price is even less than that! What’s about the quality? This model of scope mount does receive all affirmative nods from whoever managed to find and have it! What a high-quality product on a budget!
  • DEPENDABILITY: The scope mount of this model is made from aluminum materials, lightweight, tough and flawless. It has 3-point contact, extra secure and tactical appearance which guarantees super dependability to its receiver. If you are looking for something that is a perfect fit for your optic as well.
  • PERFORMANCE: It is so handy and lightweight (with only 1.2-pounds in total) with the stout platform of the unit. It is also considered as the well-engineered which provides the best security option to boost up your optic.
  • EASY-TO-SET UP: Actually, you will find the kit comes with a super detailed and simple instruction manual (go along with very descriptive pictures). You will find it so seamless to set up, you have our words!


  • Lightweight, universal Rail
  • A USA product from the Iconic Springfield Manufacturer, ensure the Great Customer Support.


  • Require a cheek riser, high sits and only fit some specific scope rings.

This ultimate and reliable M1A scope mount has been used in the army by airborne forces. Its quality is already proven.

  • PRICE: This is the most expensive product among 3 picks, however, it is worth every penny you pay for. Born from a trusted brand, the quality is absolutely superior compared to the rest on the scope mounts market.
  • DEPENDABILITY: It has a heavy construction and solid design which is sure to adapt the need of any rifle enthusiasts. Its mount is solidly secured and perfectly fit on the rifle with a firm grip in handling the scope. All the wrenches and necessary tools are packed in on the handy package which makes the rifle is so easy to set up.
  • PERFORMANCE: Let’s put a thumbs-up for reviewing on this Sadlak scope mount. Its M1A and M14 rifle’s quality are well-known to ensure its performance. A lot of users has experienced and affirm the great design and the excellent performance on this 3-point rifle. Moreover, you can remove and reassembles it easily whenever you can without wasting any attempt.
  • EASY-TO-SET UP: Yes, this model provides a very detailed and easy understanding illustration manual. It will take you less than 30 minutes to do all the set-up if you have a technical base.


  • Three Points, no obstruct iron sight
  • High-End Mil-Spec Material
  • Picatinny and Weaver Rail


  • May require some technical base to assembly.

The last product we want to mention you is the Sadlak Industries M14 Scope Mount, made in USA, from aluminum materials. This brand actually produces a lot of inspirations for the rifle which is well-designed, refine and lightweight.

  • PRICE: The price range of this product is in the middle. Indeed, it is a great pick for the mid-price budget. Made of aluminum construction with solid mounting features, the rifle is great for extreme combats and weather conditions.
  • DEPENDABILITY: The model is highly recommended for its dependability. It is mounted and locked firmly like a bank vault. With solid grip installed with the aluminum finish, the rifle is formidable and stay strong even for the hardest shooting combat.
  • PERFORMANCE: It is the 10 oz scope mount which is made from aircraft aluminum materials, lightweight but efficient. The mount is rugged and tough with the highlight 3-point contact design which allows hassle-free removal and reassembly.
  • EASY-TO-SET UP: The weakness of this product is that user may find it extremely hard to follow the instructions.


  • Considered as the best quality M14/M1A mount on the market
  • No gunsmithing install with lightweight aluminum materials


  • Hard to installation


Choosing the right M1A scope mount will help boost up your rifle experience and expand the potential as well.

The perfect fit scope is sure to let you enjoy your rifle in its fullest. We did go through the review on four factors of top 3 picks and now is time to take a final look at what we design for an M1A:

  • The best pick for Price: Springfield Armory Generation 4 M1A Scope Mount
  • The best pick for Dependability: Sadlak Industries M14 Scope Mount (Aluminum)
  • The best pick for Performance: Sadlak Industries M1A/M14 Scope Mount (Steel)
  • The best pick for Ease of Set-Up: Sadlak Industries M1A/M14 Scope Mount (Steel)

Thus, the winner of the roundup is Sadlak Industries M1A/M14 Scope Mount (Steel)!

Actually, as we mentioned before, choosing the best M1A scope mount is mainly depended on your preferences (and your budget as well). Let use our top 3 picks for checking the strengths and weaknesses of each in four categories. Weigh the choices based on the review of each, you will get you perfect one!

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