If You Do Not Have The BEST M16A1 PARTS KITS Now, You Will Hate Yourself Later

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If you want to perk up your gun’s efficiency, then upgrading it a bit is a requirement. If you want to improve its accuracy and help it perform better, then consider investing in a parts kit. 

This is why we bring you a post about the Best M16A1 Parts Kits. Do pay attention and read it properly to get a better understanding.

Review Of The Best M16A1 Parts Kits

Below is a list of the top M16A1 Parts Kits that can make a lot of difference to your rifle.

This is created keeping in mind the Nodak Spud, this has all the features that are identical to the M16A1 receiver. There is no difference with the original one so you will not be disappointed in your search for the Best M16A1 Parts Kits.

Creating this has only been possible by using forgings that fit the profile. This has all the features that are very specific to Brownells M16A1 Receiver. This has reliable carry handles that have contours on them, an A1housing that provides great rear sight, without a shell deflector, and a proper A1 profile.

The body is quite solid as it made of aluminum forging, the whole body is made as per the specification of military requirements. As a finishing touch, the body is then given a black or gray matte finish.

The overall construction is very sturdy and you can certainly expect this to last for an extended period. The black appearance will match all other modern lowers which are sold in the stores.

Any standard AR 15 part will be compatible with this. This is a big benefit for most users. This has been tested before being sold in the market. Here is what you need to know about the product.


  • This can be ordered online anytime
  • The overall design and finishing is quite impressive
  • The installation is not time-consuming at all
  • The price is very reasonable
  • The body is made of strong aluminum and is built as the requirement of the military
  • Reliable brand and good value for money
  • Compatible with most guns


  • The parts may appear a bit fragile but it does not affect the performance

Are you looking for something to upgrade your AR15, M4, and M16? Then consider buying this assembly teardrop as it will fulfill your requirement. Thanks to this you can give your firearm a serious upgrade and get more out of your rifle.

The appearance is the same as that of retro M16A1 rifles. The big surface facilitates better operation and lends a truly unique appearance to the rifle. This is made from special ordnance steel that has received distinctive heat treatment, this is done to eliminate any gouging in the bolt carrier or any wear and tear of the pawl.

The good thing is that DPMS gives the consumers the perfect replacement components that are most suited for AR-15 and all the parts are constructed as per the specifications of the military.

There is no denying that these premium quality components will enhance the function and have an excellent fit for any AR rifle in the series. You will certainly not be disappointed with these parts. Some other facts are discussed below.


  • The installation is very easy and you do not need to consult the services of a gunsmith
  • The parts are of good value for the money you spend
  • This kit is readily found on the internet
  • The price is quite affordable
  • The overall quality and finishing is very impressive
  • These parts are safe to use daily
  • All the parts can be used to replace parts that are worn out
  • Manufactured as the requirements of the military
  • Serves well as replacement parts


  • The fitting needs to be done properly and can take a bit of time
  • The functioning of the different parts may be limited but does not hinder the performance in a big way

This is a replica of the original barrel of an M16A1 rifle, this is just ideal in case you want to create your very own rifle or any other type of rifle where you want the barrel to be lightweight.

The manufacturer has been in business for a very long time and so rest be assured that you are getting the best quality for money. You can expect to use this regularly and still it will not wear out very easily.

The chamber configuration is 45X5.56 and it has a chrome lining with a 12 inch twist. The finishing is black phosphate with a matte touch. The length is 20 inches, the threads on the muzzle go up to 28 TPI. The back has a barrel extension that is already installed.

You can also opt for a Retro A1 to act as the stripped barrel that features a cut in the backside of the muzzle. Every Retro A1 barrel by Brownell is made specifically from a Chrome-moly variety of steel. This component is tested out well to make sure that it delivers.

The manufacturer offers a suitable warranty on the product. There is no doubt that is the most feasible solution in giving your gun the upgrade it needs so bad.. As a consumer you will not face any disappointment with this.


  • This works with all guns
  • Very safe to use
  • The finishing and body is very tough and it will certainly last for a long time
  • The installation is easy
  • This is of value for every penny spent
  • Can be purchased on the internet


  • The quality seems just okay but does not hamper the functioning of the gun in any way

You can now put together an all American classic M16A1, this will also mimic the appearance of the authentic stock that is given to American women and servicemen. All the components such as pistol grip, handguard, buttstock are made to resemble the original components.

This kit is created to provide a more affordable option to the buyers in the market. You no longer have to look for cheap surplus parts that fall apart after a couple of months. These are parts that are next to excellence and are inexpensive too so you will not end up spending a lot of money.

Brownell is a reputed name in the industry and with this kit, you will not face any problem. You can now get the best out of every shot fired by your rifle. The components in the kit are compatible with a wide range of models.

These are sold in different colors such as brown, green, and black. The kit is everything you ever dreamed of buying and that too for an affordable price. Here is how you can benefit from it.


  • This is quite simple to install
  • Aesthetically is quite pleasing
  • Great product from a reliable brand, worth your money
  • Can be purchased online
  • Very affordable product
  • Ideally suited for target practice and hunting activities
  • Can be used by people who indulge in occasional shooting
  • Available in various colors
  • The build is quite strong and from the finishing, it is evident that it will serve you well over the next few years


  • The design may not be great but it can be overlooked
  • The quality is okay but nothing special but it is no big deal

We have discussed the Best M16A1 Parts Kits that are available in the market. These are quality products that will enhance your AR-15 rifle’s precision. These kits are helpful as they infuse life into your rifle in the best possible ways.

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