Best Long Eye Relief Scopes for 2023 to Taking up Your Hunting Hobby

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The best long eye relief scopes are a perfect selection of the high recoil and high caliber weapons.


Either older firearms or surplus designed with mounting optics also suit to use a long eye relief scope.

If you are owning one of the types of weapons like that, you should not ignore this scope. 

It’s okay! Let’s start!

Eye Relief Defined

Exactly, eye relief is the accurate distance that your eye can see a full image of the target through your scope’s rear lens

Despite having a couple of wiggle rooms, the eye relief on the average scope is typically 3½ inches away. This number will often range once the zoom level changed.

That said, your eye is closer to the lens (no more than two inches) with high magnification. On the contrary, low magnification will make your eye drift further away from the allowed range of your scope.

For long eye relief scopes, they have special eyepieces and lenses, so they provide the higher magnification and enable you to stay a certain distance from the lens.

Long Eye Relief vs. Short Eye Relief

Whether you choose to use long eye relief or short eye relief optics, you will get certain advantages and disadvantages.

In fact, long eye relief scopes might start at the minimal – 6 inches and more.

The suitable weapon to mount a long relief scope needs to have a shorter level of the magnification and is a big hunting revolver. If the long eye relied scope allows you to hit the target with speed, there is a good option.

In a typical situation that requires your picture to be clear, it would be best to equip an easy-to-use, crisp, and lightweight optic. Why don’t we mention the accuracy? Because this is essential when you are searching an excellent long eye relief scope.

Advantages of Long Eye Relief

If ignored the drawbacks such as poor light transmission, the long eye relief is still good enough to use. In particular, its benefits are:

Aim the target quickly – When using a long eye relief scope, your target is drawn quickly. You take time to get your eye at just the proper distance instead. This is ideal for tactical situations and for hunting.

Use ease – If mounted a long eye relief scope to your weapon, the image and target would become clearer and fuller without sticking your eye into the scope. You both have an enjoyable experience and can aware surrounding.  

Product Reviews – Best Long Eye Relief Scope You Can Trust

Don’t lack the quality long eye relief scopes available on the market so that you seriously invest. But, many options can make you confused.

To narrow the choice range, we helped you list the sufficient-good models:

We often hear of the Vortex or Leupold and then forget another reliable brand – Burris. The representation is the Burris Scout Ballistic Plex Scope, an optimal option for scout rifles and surplus.

Taking the Burris out of the box, it makes us amazing. The ballistics plex scope is to optimize for aiming though there are low light conditions.

In addition to the trajectory compensating design, you get the support for the spot adjustments.

Personally, we highly appreciate the Burris Scout 2-7x magnification. It is pretty flexible, especially with the rifle. The 9.7-inch length and 13-oz weight coming to the 9.2-12” eye relief range are very impressive.

For the design, we can say that it suits high recoil and high action.

The inside of the Burris 200261 Scope has double spring force to protect it from shock. You can even hold zero setting whether you are in the extreme shooting cases.

Plus, ¼ MOA eye relief allows you to apply to both elevation and windage adjustments. So good!

Another great point is waterproof and fog-proof. We never doubt about this feature because the Burris has built nitrogen purged for their 200261 Scope.

View from different angles, the Burris 200261 Scope is quality as expected. The lenses index-matched with multi-coatings contribute to eliminating the glare light. Further, provide a lifetime warranty to users.

What are you waiting? Let’s add it to your shopping list right now.


  • Easy to mount and use

  • Hold zero like a champ

  • It is very easy to get on target and sign in

  • The optics are clear

  • The construction is solid and quality


  • Have reflection in the scope’s glass when there is a bright light or bright colors behind you

  • It is not too good for low light

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Do you get used to hearing of Simmons? Well, this is a well-known brand along with the high quality, but their products have the affordable price. Typically, we have to mention a dependable representation – the Simmons ProHunter. The model is a perfect selection for plinkers and hunters.

Being a long eye relief scope, the Simmons ProHunter offers various magnification. We assure that you will be difficult to be able to meet this feature in handgun scopes.

To the best of our knowledge, this scope has magnification within 2-6x of range.

Looking at these numbers, you can think that there is a small scope. However, it provides a large amount of power to meet your needs.

This scope from Simmons has equipped a nice 32-mm objective lens. Bring clear pictures and provide a wide view.

Beyond that, the Truplex reticle is both simple and useable. It does not make you lose concentration or your image clog up.

Not only do these optics pass the test with one thousand rounds of .357 H&H magnum but also are built-up to be tough. Resist both water and shock.

Therefore, this is considered as a good partner for hunters in the harsh conditions.

If you plan to hunt in the low light, the Simmons ProHunter is very optimum. By using fully multi-coated optics, the images you get is bright and clear.

With a limited budget, this is actually a great selection.


  • Hold zero well

  • It is easy to sight

  • The viewing distance for the draw is excellent

  • Ease in adjustment

  • Provide accuracy when shooting


  • The magnification is not too various

  • It does not seem ideal for long-range

Is there a simple, yet sturdy scope? Yes, you can try experiencing with the Leupold FX-II. With using the first-rate lens technology, this scout scope promises to bring surprising factors.

In the 100-yard range, the Leupold FX-II persuades the consumers entirely, thanks to the fixed 2.5x28 construction. It is very helpful for shooting at these distances.

Don’t doubt! This is a correlative option for any shotgun or rifle.

It is built-up with the 9.3-inch eye relief, but the weight is only at 7.5 ounces. So, you will not feel the unequal weight when mounting to your weapon.

For the reticle, it has the etched Duplex design to support the target acquisition in the field. The outside has added multi-coated 4 lens. The purpose is to increase light transmission.

It seems that the Leupold manufacturer is quite precise when featuring the windage adjustment turrets with finger clicks. Most hunters enjoy using the scopes owned this.

From our perspective, the Leupold FX-II Scout Scope is a stable and smart selection for any shooter looking for an efficient long eye relief scope.

How do you think of this scope?


  • Excellent scope for the inside of 200 yards

  • Easy crosshair acquisition when properly mounted on a rail

  • Best to utilize low mount rings

  • The glass is clear

  • The construction is solid


  • There is no adjustable diopter correction

  • It is not ideal for long-range hunting

In Closing

After all, we hope that you found the best long eye relief scope as expected.

All three scopes listed above are good enough to use. Each of scopes suits a specific type of the weapon. Correspondingly, you have to consider what you will need, from your weapon to your budget.

It is important that the scopes’ features can meet your entire demand.

Let’s have peace of mind in the brand. Burris, Simmons, or Leupold is the prestigious and reliable brands on optics marketing. The problem is which suits you.

It carefully considers and then gives an exact decision. Do it your way!

By the way, If you are using Ar rifle, let’s go with best ar15 scope, it will help you have good experience.

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