Reasons To Install The Best Laser Bore Sighters

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What Is A Boresight?

In simple words, a boresight is an adjustment that can be used to line up the axis of a rifle. This helps you to take shots closer to the target if aligned correctly. In case, you are a hunter or a shooting professional, you may need one to bring some changes to your rifle.

We anticipated that you may want to get one, but the variety can make it quite overwhelming. This is why we brought the Best Laser Bore Sighters that can help you change your game.

Review Of The Best Laser Bore Sighters

Here is a rundown of the top laser bore sighters that can help you further.

For starters, the SiteLite Mag comes with a lifetime warranty. This certainly shows the assurance of the manufacturer in its product. That is not all, because it perfectly fits into guns of all kinds. For example, it is suitable for .22 to .50calibers and 20 & 12 ga. shotguns. Can you think of one that versatile?

Yes, it is a multipurpose boresight that can be used for multiple weapons. You must also be told that it comes for a reasonable price. Mention has to be made about one more thing that this sighter uses class III laser, which has an output lesser than that of 5.0mW power.


  • The laser is red that additionally helps you in spotting

  • It has a phone app associated that can be utilized for zeroing

  • Not to mention that this can be customized targeting while practicing with a specific firearm

  • Again, it is supplemented with SRL scope leveler to close the crosshairs

  • It is very compact 

  • Provides you with accuracy


  • Needs to settle down in average-sized weapons may

Overall, it brings value and has high efficacy for those that are in the field. All this certainly makes it a great choice.

The best part about Wheeler bore sighter is that it has a magnetic joining. It can be mounted on the muzzle of your gun without much of a difficulty. It quickly latches itself to your gun. This means you can use it with any kind weapon of your choice. 

It has a sleek design and is pretty lightweight that does not weigh down your gun. Moreover, you can use it at night or day, as per your requirements. The laser is green in color and it makes it easy to target prey at any time of the day.


  • All units come pre-calibrated which means you use them straight out of the box

  • It allows you to track up to 100 yards

  • Is very strong with machined aluminum body and rubber over-molding

  • Functions with Class IIIR that implies it consumes less than 5mW of power

  • This is a hand-tuned boresight that ensures precision 


  • Repeatedly needs a battery change

Look, Wheeler is a committed name in the gunsmith industry. People of all levels of expertise can seek help from them. They are fine for amateurs, students, and professionals equally. This adds to their popularity and you must not think twice before procuring a Wheeler boresight at least.

To be honest, Sightmark is all about comfort and convenience. The SightMark Triple Duty is no exception to this. See, this can attach to your firearm using magnetic connect and this makes it easy to install. This means it is perfect for tactical use, shooting professionals, and hunters that can operate with this right away. This practically takes out the hindrance of sighting out in the field. 

You can fix it to caliber specific guns to barrel mounted weapons because of its adaptability. It has been pre-calibrated for accuracy and you can be assured that it is a durable instrument. This makes use of the red laser light, which many would agree is way better than the green variation.


  • It utilizes strobe mode that surges battery life by 150%

  • Rest assured you can reach the fastest zeroing with this tool in hand

  • Very light in weight and compact 

  • It also decreases wastage of ammo

  • Provides you with an enormous selection of calibers that you can choose from

  • Saves power as it exploits Class IIIA laser

  • Easy to travel with

  • Is accompanied by accessories like a carrying case


  • Not for use in daylight

Again, this is considered to be quick and something saves time. Now, why would you not want to invest in something like this? Think about it.

Now, this one is crafted for accuracy and determine to work with timing. This suggests that you can aim in a direction and expect the precision that you have always wanted. Yes, this is a flexible device, and its precision is a beat. You will find the red laser light to be more functional and this one has a red dot to help you with.

It exercises a class IIIA laser that recommends it to be a power saver. It is hard-wearing and very efficient when it comes to doing its job. It also reduces wastage of cartridges in the best possible ways. It brings you value and you cannot deny it.


  • Has a compact design 

  • Is light in weight

  • Can be adjusted finely

  • Pre-calibrated for better precision 

  • This is a travel-friendly kit and it comes with a carry case

  • Comes with batteries

  • It is very affordable


  • Battery life seems to be short, as it can run for 1 hour on continuous use

In a nutshell, we can say that it is appropriate for hunters, shooters that practice at ranges, and even for tactical use. It is easy to mount and can be fine-tuned during inconsistencies, like bullet drop (mainly due to distance). What more can you ask for?

How To Choose A Laser Boresight?

The first thing you must consider while procuring a laser boresight is that of its price. Make sure that you do not get into fancy. There is no point breaking a bank for a boresight, but again ensure that you don’t invest in the flimsy ones. Stay away from the cheap ones. Instead, think of a reasonable price and then weed out the rest.

Besides, this you can also look at its being:


Yes, this indicates your boresight must be able to mount on weapons of all kinds. You may have more than one firearm, would you buy boresights for each variety? No, as an alternative, you may put your trust into something that can fit into other guns, like the Sightmark series.

Laser Class

Most boresighters use class III lasers, as they are a standard. Again, quality certainly determines sighting and the accuracy of a boresight for sure. Higher models will have better ones, nonetheless, this is good enough if you don’t want to shell a lot of dough.

Color Of The Laser

Green color may be the favorite of many and they may come for a price, but red is not bad either. It depends on your choice and budget.

Brightness Of The Laser

Find a brighter laser, as that will solve many a problem. If you are going hunting on an overcast day, you will know what we mean.

We hope our small list of the Best Laser Bore Sighters comes handy to you. We have tried to incorporate as much information as possible in this post. We wish you all the best in your endeavors.

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