What Nobody Told You About The Best Fanny Pack Holsters

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Never underestimate the importance of a fanny pack holster as it allows you to carry important items with you. Now how on earth do you locate a good fanny pack holster? Very simple, you slow down and evaluate all the options given to you. Firstly, you must be prepared to do a bit of research and see what is hot in the market right now.

Prepare a proper list of all the reliable brands in the market and then do a comparison on them all. Evaluate each brand properly so that you understand every single aspect. This systematic approach will help you find the Best Fanny Pack Holsters

Do not make rushed purchases based on what other people tell you. Also, steer clear away from brands that promise you high-quality for dirt cheap prices. Here is some valuable information that will help you find what you are looking for. So go on and take a look and educate yourself.

Quick Answer: Top 6 Best Fanny Pack Holster

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How To Buy The Best Fanny Pack Holsters

With so many different options in the market, it is very easy to be confused and overwhelmed. The trick is to slow down and study all the aspects of a particular product before making any purchases. Here are some of the actors that you should take into consideration before sealing the deal.


The main purpose of a holster is to hide your firearm. So, you must go for something that will retain its original shape. This is usually seen in premium brands. Even if you have to shell out a bit extra you should settle for reputed brands.


You do not want to shell out good money on a product that falls apart after a couple of months. So, it is high time that you select a product that showcases a high degree of durability. Typically, holster cases are manufactured from different materials. You should go for the ones that are made of leather along with high-quality stitching.


Before you go out and buy this product you must make sure that it comes with a proper security closure. This will make sure that this does not come off when you try to wear it. If the closure is not secure enough the pistol will not be safe so do give the zipper a proper inspection and make sure that it functions properly.

Comfort Level

This is very important because at the end of the day you do not want to end up with a product which is not comfortable. You should consider buying something that does not require too many adjustments.


You will come across many brands that promise you the moon for minimal prices, you should avoid such brands. Always stick to popular brands as you can be assured of good quality products at all times. Good brands sell their products only after they have cleared several quality checks.


It will certainly help you if you fix a budget before you forge ahead. This will help you narrow down on our choices. However, do maintain a bit of flexibility in your budget.

The 6 Best Fanny Pack Holster Reviews

If you are looking for the Best Fanny Pack Holsters, which happen to be very compact then this one will certainly not disappoint you in any way. The best feature on this is the pull tabs that come with quick release.

The zippered compartment is another feature that you will love on this. The strong construction makes this a very popular choice with the users, besides you can rest assured that this will last for a long time.

This comes with a waist belt that can be adjusted to 41 inches. This product is anything but hype as we have tested it, this certainly meets the customer’s expectation. So do consider adding this to your shopping list. Use this once and you will never regret it.


  • This fanny holster comes with dedicated slots for magazines
  • The pull tabs ensure fast deployment
  • This is compatible with any standard pistol
  • This is an imported product
  • The holster is made from pure Nylon


  • The fit could have been firmer, but it is not a major drawback

Are you looking for something a bit spacious? Take a look at this one. This pistol bag comes with 4 big pockets out of which two of them have mesh and most importantly they can be expanded.

This means you can have other items in addition to your gun. The quality is super and it is very strong. So, you do not have to go out looking for a replacement anytime soon.

The waist belt can be stretched to 50 inches, which is a good feature. This is made from 600D polyester, a grade that is known to add strength and increase durability. The other good thing about this pistol bag is that it can be cleaned easily and it is also resistant to stain.

The holster has reliable Velcro strips inside and this prevents the holster from moving around too much. So, if you are in search of a reliable product then this is the one you should check out. 


  • Manufactured by a reliable brand
  • Good value for money
  • Durable product
  • Made from a superior grade of polyester and has a belt clip made of plastic
  • This features mesh pockets that can be further expanded


  • The holster seems a bit smaller than what is advertised, but it still does a great job

This is designed to make extra space for you and that is what you are going to love about it. The manufacturer has introduced improvements in this product over the previous models. We have given this product a test and we can vouch for the fact that this will become a popular choice amongst the customers.

Are you worried about longevity? Well, it is time we get rid of that for you. This is made from strong nylon, which will not fall apart at the seams like other flimsy products. So, you do not have to worry about frequent replacements. Do not give this product a miss under any circumstances.

The main compartment measures 9 inches in width and 3 inches deep, this is more than enough. So, don’t back off just add this to your list.


  • The stress points are properly reinforced by using composite threads
  • The buckles are very durable
  • This features points for modular attachments
  • The handles and straps have nylon webbing
  • The holster has Teflon coating for added protection
  • The bags have been treated with polyurethane for waterproofing
  • Imported product
  • Made of Nylon


  • The straps could have been a bit more comfortable

Looking for a reliable brand to buy fanny pack holsters from? Check this brand out, as you will not be disappointed. The manufacturer has taken customer demand very seriously and has incorporated all the features one would look for.

Worries about quality? This product is so durable and strong that it will last you for a very long time. This product from BLACKHAWK is anything but a disappointment. You do not have to shell out too much money to procure this holster.

This holster features a thumb break. The retention loops attach very well on to your belt. This feature will make sure that your gun is secure at all times. If you want to acquire a product that lives up to your expectations then go for this without any hesitation.


  • Very durable product
  • Sturdy construction
  • Good value for money
  • This holster is very versatile
  • Very spacious holster
  • Fully adjustable


  • The product seems a bit smaller, but it is not a major problem

This is one fanny pack that you will not regret using as its quality is outstanding. This is super spacious. This is manufactured from very high-quality Nylon which means it will not suffer any wear and tear even after repeated usage. This also comes with a YKK zipper which does not display any snag.

So, if you are looking for a secure way to carry your firearm, this is the one you should select. Users whose waist measure below 40 inches should use this without hesitation. So, do not hesitate to add this to your list of things to buy as you will not regret it.


  • The quality of the product is impressive
  • Great design
  • The fit is extremely firm
  • Has the right amount of space
  • Fits users with waists ranging from 36 to 40 inches
  • Durable product
  • Good value for money


  • This is suitable for small guns

If you are on the lookout for the Best Fanny Pack Holsters then give this one a go. This does not cost too much, but at the same time, its quality and features are off any premium model. The YKK zippers provide extra security and prevent any snagging of any kind. This also facilitates a quick draw. The construction is pretty neat and sturdy so you can expect to use this for a while.

This accommodates mostly all standard guns. The waistband can fit waist sizes that stretches to 42 inches. We have tested this product and it will not disappoint you at all. So, if you are contemplating on getting something a little more reliable, go for this.


  • This holster fits waists that go to 42 inches
  • Compatible with 1911 and Glock 17
  • This features a good quality YKK zippers
  • Can be used by both left and right-handed shooters
  • Very durable
  • High-quality product
  • Comfortable to wear for long hours
  • Built for everyday use


  • Works best with compact guns, but this is not something you should worry about


These were the Best Fanny Pack Holsters that we picked for you. They have features that you will love to the fullest. The quality and design is good too. Most importantly we have tested each of them and we can conclude that they are all winners in their own right.

Like most products, these too have their shortcomings but their positive features outnumber them by a large margin. So, no matter which you buy it is a total win-win situation for you. These are built to last so you will not be hassled by going out looking for frequent replacements.

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