Top 5 Best EOTech for AR15 in 2023: Updated Reviews!

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An electro-optic product manufacturer with 24 years experience, EOTech almost needs no introduction.

It is best famous for the first-class AR-15 Holographic Weapon Sight. They are the go-to weapon accessories for the military for top-range applications.

Before jumping into the top pick-up part, let’s explore the suggested way to select the most suitable product for you.

How To Choose The Best EOTECH AR15 Models?

Even experienced hunters still can be overwhelmed by a large number of AR-15 Holographic Sight choices. Are you having a hard time finding the best ones for your preference and budget?

PAY ATTENTION! Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best EOTech AR15 models!

What Do You Use Your EOTech AR15 Holographic Sight For?

What environment will you use the AR-15 in? It should be the first question to think of when choosing a Holographic Weapon Sight!

For example, though you can use a red dot sight for long-range shooting, it works best for targets within 91.44 meters.


The best EOTECH for AR-15 should be a solid weather-proof optic. Then, it will save you from worrying about problems caused by fog, water, and shock.


Another factor to consider is the warranty. Researching how long the warranty lasts is important. Fortunately, all EOTech models come with a 10-year warranty. It means that your investment on an AR-15 optic is well protected within 10 years.

Are you curious about the best EOTech examples? Keep on reading our article!

Top 5 Best EOTech For AR15

There is a ton of great tools for AR-15 on the market. Obviously, their quality is different. But, the best EOTech models for AR15 in our write-up are fully designed for performance and durability.

LOOK! Here are our recommendations on the 5 best EOTech for AR15!

Let’s take a closer insight!


  • Able to be fitted with every single Gen 1-3 night vision device;

  • Come with a long-term warranty;

  • More rear iron sight rail space;

  • Up to 20 manual settings in daylight;

  • Accuracy, compatibility, and versatility;


  • You have to do extra caution and testing depending on the settings you want to use;

Are you looking for an accurate, dependable AR-15 Center Aiming Dot Reticle that boasts a handful of features? No model can beat the EOTECH XPS3 Holographic Weapon Sight.

20 manual settings in daylight give it the versatility at its best. But it is not the only feature that makes it versatile.

We should mention the compatibility with all of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation of night vision scopes. Also, the 10 night optional settings make it ideal for self or home defense when the sun goes down.

Despite its lightweight (1.75 pounds) and small size (3.8 x 2.1 x 2.5 inches), it is compatible with rear iron sights and magnifiers.

Additionally, without any special tools, you can easily adjust the 40 MOA by 0.5 MOA per click.

What’s more? This AR-15 dot reticle model comes with a 10-year limited warranty!


  • Anti-reflective coating;

  • Durable,

  • Weather-proof;

  • Come with a 10-year warranty;


  • Not compatible with night vision devices;

  • Only great for stalking hogs in close surroundings;

When thinking about the best holographic weapon sight models by the EOTech, the 512 will automatically come to our mind.

How can we complete our list without tossing on the EOTech 512 Holographic Weapon Sight – 1-dot Speed Ring Reticle?

The first thing to draw hunters’ attention is its lightweight. The 11.2-ounce model fully packed with great features making it the top choice.

The adjustable brightness comes as a standard of all EOTech models for AR-15. And the 512 Holographic Weapon Sight is not an exception.

It offers up to 20 manual brightness settings for use. The buttons at the rear allow you to match the brightness to the external light conditions with ease.

It means that it delivers you the utmost precision regardless of the lighting scenario. Also, you can see the practicality when you have to switch the scenery quickly.

However, the EOTech 512 is not compatible with night vision devices. For that reason, it is only suitable for those who want to hunt in daylight.

As a plus, this 5.6-inch long EOTech 1 Dot Speed Ring Reticle also comes equipped with a weather-proof coating.

It is water-resistance to a depth of up to three meters. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the troubles caused by rain.


  • Come with an absolutely awesome co-witness;

  • Worth the name of a highly-priced option;

  • Up to 20 manual setting for brightness adjustments in all lighting scenarios;

  • Water proof and sun proof;

  • Come with a 10-year warranty;


  • More expensive than a lot of other AR-15 models by EOTECH;

The XPS2 is a high-quality full-sized red dot Holographic Weapon Sight from a worldwide-famous company.

EOTech has long been creating fantastic electro-optic products. Fortunately, this is not the last time you can find them here.

If the 512 is small, the XPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight is much smaller. It is little in size, yet really big in its value. That’s why the Marine Special Operations community has been using this model.

On the rear are the two buttons allowing you to switch it on and off. Also, they help simplify wide view field adjustments.

Moreover, the two recessed screws give the advanced shooters overseas give you peace of mind when it comes to engaging moving targets.


  • Help to target moving objects and animals fast;

  • Up to 20 manual brightness settings with 68 MOA ring;

  • Tough, rugged, durable, and performance-oriented;

  • Warranty for such a long time;


  • Highly-priced tag for an AR-15 model by EOTECH;

  • The lack of compatibility with night-vision devices;

The EOTech does not come with a cheap price tag. But the high quality of the AR-15 models by EOTech always lives up to your expectation.

And the EOTECH HHS II Holographic Hybrid Sight has all the great features that you are looking for.

Larger than the EOTech XPS2 at 3.8 inches long, the HHS II manages to be much more rugged. It weights up to 1.44 pounds making it heavier than others on our list.

However, advanced shooters will get a ton of capability in return.

The G33 Magnifier combined with the Switch-to-Side mount delivers the excellent target acquisition. That way, everyone can zoom in on their targets in the close-range shooting.


  • Automatic shutdown;

  • 20 manual brightness settings with 1 MOA dot;

  • Long-life battery;

  • Easy to use and ease to zero;

  • Prestige Warranty;


  • Expensive;

  • Not compatible with night vision devices;

Another great model for AR-15 by EOTech is the HHS III Outfit 518-2 Sight and G33 Magnifier. Truly gathering the best of all worlds into an optic, it deserves our attention.

One thing for sure: The EOTech HHS III Outfit 518-2 Sight is much more expensive than the Holographic Sight models. But it has much more to offer.

Unlike the Holographic Sight AR-15 optics, this Holographic Hybrid Sight model provides 3X magnification. The closer and clearer views are useful for those who are shooting at a long range.

The Switch-to-Side mount is made with close-range shooting in mind. But if you want to shoot over open ground, just bring it back into position!

In short: The HHS III is great for conducting competitive shooting as well as law enforcement.


How Many AR-15 Options Available On The Market?

About 10 million distinct options.

Why Should You Choose EOTECH?

Multiple sights combined into just one optic product without compromising each sight’s best features? Does it sound too good to be true?

Make your dream come true with AR-15 optic models by EOTech. They have been providing so much more beyond your imagination. EOTech should be the top brand for those on the specific hunt for a holographic sight or hybrid sight.

How Much To Spend On An AR-15 EOTech Model?

It varies according to your preference. But expect to pay from $450 to $1,000 for models on our list!

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Durable, reliable, versatile, accurate. We get into trouble finding just a few adjectives to tell you how great the EOTech models for AR-15 are.

There must be at least hundreds of reasons why this American company is outstanding among the AR specific product manufacturers. Do you want to experience it by yourself!

Above is our list of the best EOTech for AR-15!

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