Which Is The Best Brass Tumbler To Buy In 2021?

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If your brass cases are not as new as the first time you see them, then you have to cleanse them. Which is the most popular method? There is no better choice than dry tumbling in terms of price and simple procedure.

Do you want to choose this solution? Then make sure to get the best brass tumbler!

Have no idea which product to buy? Check out our list below!

Best Brass Tumbler Buying Guide

The brass tumbler market is growing so fast with hundreds of different models released every day. But not all of them share the same features. No need to worry! There is at least one brass tumbler built for you.

To choose the best one, make sure to compare various aspects in every single unit. Below are a few factors to consider when you are seeking for a suitable brass tumbler.


Before choosing the tumbler’s size, you should bear in mind one thing. A standard shooter only requires a tumble with a small space. Meanwhile, a professional hunter needs the one with a much larger capacity.

Some brass tumblers can handle 600 cases of 9mm at one time, while others can deal with up to 1000 cases of .223 brass shells.

The higher the number of shells your brass tumbler can hold, the quicker it cleans the shell batch.

The unit with a higher capacity typically comes with a higher price. So, which one to choose? It depends on your personal preference and requirements.


Elastic-plastic and solid steel are the most popular materials. We should not underestimate the endurance of the plastic ones. As we have already known, though, plastic tumblers cannot be as durable as steel ones.

Plastic models are much cheaper than the steel units. However, the less money you spend on your very first purchase, the more you will pay in the next years.

You don't want to waste time and money finding out a brass tumbler that stops working after a short period, do you?


Aside from the capacity and durability level, the best brass tumbler must have excellent build quality.

Quality Of Performance

Evaluating performance is essential. To do so, you need to set your requirements.

Benefits Of A Good Brass Tumbler


Using a tumbler is the most excellent way to clean a large amount of brass.

The first and most important benefit is how cost-saving it is. Getting pre-made ammo is more expensive than making your own items. All professional shooters will know how substantial the savings are.

Also, recycling ammunition allows shooters to customize their rounds. Which powder or primer to choose for new bullets? It comes to their personal tastes.

The final benefit is that reloading ammo is such a challenge. It requires time, patience, effort, and practice. Recycling ammunition is a fun hobby that helps passionate shooters reduce their daily stress.

Top 8 Best Brass Tumblers on The Market Reviews

First, you should check our quick comparison table as follows.


  • Budget-friendly;
  • Good at holding low caliber cases;
  • An on-off switch included for better control;


  • Plastic material;
  • Small capacity;

Which is the most economical way to clean your brass? Let’s take a look at this Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ 110V Vibratory Case Tumbler – the best brass tumbler in terms of affordability.

Why is this product by Frankford Arsenal the first brass tumbler on our list? Because it comes with a pocket-friendly price and what it has to offer is beyond our expectations.

Let’s imagine!

A bowl can accommodate up to 600 9mm Remington cases. The tumbling process is approximately 3 hours. And an international plug saves you from worrying about manually plugging it in. Things have never been easy like this.


  • Practical in a lot of tumbling and mixing uses;
  • 110 volts promises a strong tumbling performance;
  • Sturdy and unbreakable steel build;
  • Cost-effective;


  • Its upside requires wet cleaning;
  • The customer service is not as expected;
  • Shorter lifespan than expected.

One thing that it shares with other common vibratory tumbling machines is the heavy-duty motor.

The consistent power combined with the decent storage capacity of 223 brass shells at the same time promises a strong performance.

The 110-volt outlet might not be the typical feature of the Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series 7L Rotary Tumbler. What’s impressive, though, is the fan cooling system for overload protection.

Thanks to the cooling system and heavy-duty steel construction, it is the best brass tumbler in terms of durability.

It is a tumbler that treasures your time as well. This product by Frankford Arsenal is not only easy to use, but it also allows users to clean and polish the cases’ outside in no time.

That way, it saves both of your time and your money.


  • Reasonable priced;
  • Built to last a lifetime;
  • Easy to operate;
  • Running on a quieter level (compared to other models);


  • Leave a dusty workspace after using it;
  • The absence of on/off switch.

Does an efficient and budget-friendly brass tumbler sound appealing to you? Then, the Lyman Pro 1200 Tumbler is a perfect choice.

The 115-volt power outlet delivers a high speed to the motor without a break, leading to a better tumbling process. Because the Lyman Pro 1200 is a dry tumbler, please expect layers of dust around its body after cycling for several times.

But, there is a clear lid preventing it from appearing on the outside. Additionally, despite the whole stable unit, it cannot stay still on the table due to the continuous vibrations.

What we do not like most about the Layman Pro 1200 is the absence of an on/off switch. Thus, before plugging the tumbler in, users have to make sure everything that needs cleaning already stays inside.

It is inconvenient as whenever you want to use the tumbler, you have to access the power output. And you may get into trouble after a while unless your workstation has at least one output.

If you are on the lookout for the Best Brass Tumbler then take a look at this one as it has all features that any customer would expect from such a product. This tumbler can accommodate 600 cases measuring 9mm.

The cord has an on and off switch, so you will not have a tough time operating this gadget. To remove any fouling, this can be used with a Cob media or an Arsenal hull.

All you have to do is fill the bowl with polishing media. Place the tumbler on an even surface and turn it on. You can put in any amount of brass to the optimum capacity. To get the best out of this device you should clean your brass in batches for best results. 

The device is very efficient as it can clean your brass within an hour. In between the cleaning process, you can keep checking on how much has been cleaned. The quality of the product is top-notch, and yes it will work just fine for a good number of years.

This tumbler is very easy to use, and even if you are first-timer things, will not be difficult for you. Do add this to your shopping list, and you will not be disappointed.


  • The sales package comes with a bucket made of plastic, cleaning media, brass polish, media separator, Rotary media, and a case tumbler
  • This s super-easy to handle by anyone
  • The power switch is located on the cord


  • The only minor drawback is that this is a bit loud

With this tumbler, you can give your brass the cleaning it deserves. The rotary action along with a cleaning solution and steel media, can give the brass a good cleaning. The pins made of stainless steel can fit effortlessly into the primer pockets and provide a proper cleaning.

This has quite a functional capacity, as it can hold 1000 cases, the tumbler also has a lining made of rubber that adds a lot of protection and reduces the level of noise.

A timer is built into the base of the tumbler that can be set up to 3 hours. The large-cap on the drum is ideal for smooth unloading and loading.  The unit is available with sifter pans that help to separate the cases from the pins.

Now, it is evident that this unit is handy and it has all the features that any customer would like to look. When it comes to quality this product is simply the best, the solid construction makes it very clear that this will last for a very long time to come.

This is not to be missed out on as it is anything but a disappointment.


  • Features a timer that can be set up to 3 hours
  • The results are excellent and long-lasting
  • The capacity is quite impressive as it can hold 1000 pieces
  • Good value for money
  • Reliable brand
  • The quality is awe-inspiring


  • This tumbler is a bit tough to figure out in the beginning but it is not a drawback

If you are on the lookout for a reliable case tumbler, then do not hesitate to check this out. The manufacturer has introduced quite a few enhancements in this that gives it an edge over the brands.

The good thing about this tumbler is that it can accommodate large numbers of cases, so you can clean quite a few cases in batches.

The tumbler is known to produce vibratory and vigorous circular movements that clean the cases, making them sparkling new. This comes with a sifter that lets you separate the cases from cleaning media. The running time will depend on how well you want the cases to be cleaned.

The tumbler has a bearing ball bearing motor, a cooling fan, a sturdy base, a bowl of 3/16 thickness, and a 3-1/2 working capacity. The overall quality is outstanding and you will be able to use this for many years.


  • Has a fantastic performance with long-lasting results
  • The overall quality is very good and it will last for a very long time
  • Good value for money
  • The drum is has a decent capacity
  • The running time depends on the intensity of cleanliness required
  • The sales package comes with a sifter that is used to sort the media from the brass
  • Produces vibratory and rapid circular motion that gives the brass a deep cleaning
  • Can be used to clean a huge number of cases at the same time


  • You may need to use a separate sifter kit to avoid a mess

This reloading tumbler is a blessing in disguise as it comes packed with features that make the job of cleaning cases very easy. The drum has a special powder coating that adds to the strength, along with a thick lining made of rubber which protects the cases while they are being cleaned. 

The unit features sturdy ball bearings with a secured seal along with a strong base that contains support brackets for the dual motor. The unit has a drive belt that is seamless and very long-lasting. There is no doubt that this is the ideal gadget to clean brass cases.

When it comes to quality, this is better than all the rest, owing to its robust construction assures you of its longevity. Are you worried about the noise? Well, here is the good news, this is a noiseless tumbler.

So, use it indoors without traumatizing people in the house. This is certainly worth investing in considering the features and the benefits that come along with it.


  • The tumbler has a lining made from thick rubber to add protection to the cases
  • This tumbler is made for deep cleaning brass
  • The construction is quite solid and it will last for a long time
  • This is completely noiseless
  • The results are fabulous
  • Manufactured by a reputed  brand
  • Great value for money
  • The manufacturer gives you 1-year warranty for the motor, 3-years for the unit, and 5-years for the barrel


  • It takes a bit of time to get used to but it is a minor flaw

Are you keen on buying the Best Brass Tumbler? Consider your dream come true; as this unit is designed to give brass cases a deep cleaning making them look sparkling new. There is no doubt that this will fulfil your every requirement without the slightest disappointment.

The good thing about this tumbler is that it has a functional capacity. This can accommodate 350 brass rounds or even 600 brass cartridges, which is quite impressive. This is one feature that makes a class-apart from the rest of the tumblers.

The cord contains a switch that lets you turn off or turn on the unit, this adds to the ease of use. The tumbler uses a vibrating and circular motion that gives the cases proper cleaning. The drum is specially designed to protect the cases while they are being cleaned.

Since this manufactured by a reputed brand, you need not worry about its quality. This will certainly last for a long time to come. If you are looking for a tumbler to help you clean brass cases in huge numbers, this is just the unit you need.


  • Features a powerful motor
  • Sophisticated drive system
  • The results are fabulous and long-lasting
  • This can accommodate 1000 special cases per batch
  • The bowl has a capacity of two gallons
  • This is perfect for a reloader of high volume
  • The construction is very sturdy
  • The unit has decent longevity
  • In short, it is value for money
  • Manufactured by a reputed brand


  • This does make quite a bit of noise but other than that the performance is flawless


How To Keep Your Brass Tumbler Lasting A Lifetime?

It is the most common question among brass tumbler users. At first, you might think that it is a challenge. But all you need to do is providing it the proper maintenance and following the guide on the manual instructions.

How Much Can Your Brass Tumbler Hold?

How many shells that your brass tumbler can hold at the same time? It is a crucial factor. The smaller amount of cases that it can hold, the slower the polishing process is.

Usually, a unit can deal with a bundle of 500 cases at a time. However, there are also models designed to accommodate about 1,000 cases.

How Long Do You Have To Run Your Tumbler Until Brass Is Completely Cleaned?

Just a few minutes? 1 hour? 1.5 hours? Or up to 3 hours? It depends on how many cases your brass tumbler can hold at a time.

Rotary Tumblers vs. Vibratory Tumblers – Which One To Choose?

Rotary Tumblers:

  • More expensive than vibrating ones;
  • Can use either dry or wet media;
  • Clean both the inside and outside of your cases effectively;

Vibrating Tumblers:

  • Quickly shake yet slowly rotate;
  • Dry media is the only option;
  • Perfectly clean and polish your cases’ outside;

Wrapping Up

Now you have known where to start your search when you want to buy the best brass tumbler. Don’t waste your time looking elsewhere!

However, what if you haven’t made up your mind yet? I’m here to help with my favorite - the Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ 110V Vibratory Case Tumbler.

It is affordable, easy to operate, and durable. It can accommodate a relatively large quantity of cases of different sizes, meeting all my needs. That’s why I decided to get it!

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