The Best ACOG Clones for Your Rifle (Ultimate Guide 2023)

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The combat ACOG scopes were designed for the military due to their powerful magnification and night illumination capabilities.

The ACOG scope is a wonderful piece of hardware equipment that is manufactured to serve the military’s demand. This scope has the most massive magnification power as well as night mode vision.

That is why if you have seen the sleek and modern ACOG scope on the military or officer’s rifle, it is the actual ACOG scope.

However, if you see the same looking ACOG scope on the civilian tactical weapon, then it will always be the ACOG clone.

So if you are the dedicated hunter or you want to experience shooting with a tactical weapon and ACOG scope, the ACOG clone will be the perfect purchase that will enhance your shooting experience and take it to the next level.

The Brief History of ACOG Scope

Before deep diving into the reviews, it is essential to take a peek at the history of the ACOG. It will give you more knowledge to pick out the best scope that suits your need.

ACOG stands for Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight, which is produced by Trijicon. The scope was made to be equipped on the M16 and M4 rifle originally, but there are other variations for the ACOG scope which can be attached to other guns.

The most crucial feature of the ACOG scope is the night vision, which comes from the illuminated reticles at night.

This has made the scope widespread for military service, especially in tactical forces. The scope was first seen in action in 1987, which the first model called TA01.

Understanding The Night Vision Mode of The ACOG Scope

Like we have already discussed above, one of the features that make the ACOG scope popular in tactical usage is the ability to illuminate through the dark environments.

It is essential to know that

Majority of ACOG scopes do not use the batteries to power up the reticle illumination.

The brilliant solution of internal phosphor illumination comes from the radioactive decay of tritium, which can last for more than ten years.

Furthermore, some ACOG scopes can light up the reticle in the daytime with the assistance of the external fiber optic pipe.

There are some versions of ACOG scopes that let the users aim with both eyes open. This great technology is called the Bindon Aiming Concept.

Thanks to this feature, the shooter can maintain a broad spectrum of environment view why aiming down range through the scope optics.

Important: pay attention below

What is The Difference Between The Original ACOG Scope and The ACOG Clone?

All ACOG clones will use a battery for the night view illumination.

And most of the ACOG clones will have limited both eyes open aiming feature.

Now you may wonder why we would want an ACOG clone instead of the original one?

It is because the actual ACOG scopes are very expensive. The standard model can cost more than 3000 USD which makes it an extremely investment, especially if you just want to try out the options.

That is when the ACOG clone shines. You can enjoy the primary function of this powerful tactical scope while do not have to spend a hefty budget.

Because there are many knock-offs in the market, do not forget to check out the rail compatibility for your ACOG clone.

The original ACOG is made mainly for the combat rifle. However, there are many clones that are made suitable for other firearms such as a shotgun.

Make sure that your ACOG clone will fit perfectly into the rail of your rifle otherwise you will waste the money for nothing in return.

Now that you have understood the difference between the two variations of the ACOG scopes in the market let’s dive straight into the review of the best ACOG clones in the market.

The 8 Amazing ACOG Clones and Replica with Affordable Price

The Bushnell has a 1x magnification power that is designed to lock down the target with massive speed. You can choose between the green illuminated reticle or the 3MOA red reticle, depending on your preference.

More importantly, the Bushnell offers up to five different settings for the scope illumination. That means no matter what the lighting condition is, this scope will always yield back the highest quality image.

Notice that this scope uses the battery for reticle illumination. The battery has a long life that is quite optimal for long and responsible usage.

Moreover, the Bushnell has a 32 mm optic lens that is amber coated to assist the light transmission within the scope. With this feature, the target in the darkness of the night will stand out more clearly.


  • Various brightness settings for different environments
  • Amazing lens
  • Two different reticles with the zoom dot option


  • Quite heavy on the weight, which might make it slightly inconvenient when mounted on a rifle.

The Sightmark SM26021 Wolverine is built with the primary aim to acquire target rapidly and render the target’s image with the highest fidelity. This scope is also one of the favored lightweight ACOG scopes on the market.

Although it was made from 6061-T6 aluminum combined with shock-resistant rubber reinforcement, the weight is only 10.3 ounces.

The manufacturer's design Sightmark to be able to attach a Picatinny rail system which is applied in almost modern day rifle. There only need to purchase this product to use in many guns model without changing another proper scope that wastes your money.  

The Sightmark own the scratch-resistant coated-lense, so you will not worry anymore if the scratches can decrease your vision through the optics.

Moreover, this red dot sight is also protected from water by the IP67 technology, allowing it can work on three feet under water.

But the most attractive part on this product is the 4 MOA red dot reticle. By applying the twenty-three-millimeter objective lens, which makes it easy to adjust brightness on the digital switch

The Sightmark uses a single AA battery which is a standard and cheap battery that you can find in every shop, so you don’t need to buy other expensive battery.

But using the cheap battery can make this product lose power quickly? The answer is no; the manufacturer has added in this red dot sight a quality-power consumption that can extend the battery life.


  • Fog proof by nitrogen purged
  • Save battery power
  • Bright and vibrant red cross reticle
  • Can attach to Picatinny rail system
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Scratch resistant


  • Not a very high durability product.

#3: wipboten Acog Style Rifle Scope 1x32 Green or Red Dot Optic Sights - (BD Tactical Clone Green Dot 1x32 Scope)

The first thing that you will automatically notice when picking up this scope for the very first time is that it is very lightweight.

It is because the entire tube is made from aluminum alloy which aims primarily at reducing the mounting weight on the rifle, thus minimizing the stress of the users while aiming down range for an extended time.

Another notable feature that you will notice at first glance is that this scope is very similar to the original ACOG scope. It is indeed the closest replica to the Trijicon’s ACOG with the sleek design and all that functional technology.

While still using the battery as the main power source for the reticle illumination, the scope also has an extra fiber optic cable to act as an extra energy reserve in case the battery power is completely drained.

The scope’s lens is optimized with auto-configuration for elevation and windage. That means that the reticle will hold a stable position even on the windy day out in the field.

Just like the name of the scope suggests, the reticle is a 4MOA green dot, with will not hinder the target’s image. It is very convenient to aim and acquire small and moving target within 100 yards.


  • Lightweight
  • Extra fiber optic cable
  • The outer design is high-end and similar to the original ACOG


  • Cannot adjust the brightness like the ACOG scope

Looking for the Best Acog Clones? Look no further as this prism scope is everything you could dream of buying. The prism design allows users to locate their targets very fast. The reticle is etched to the surface of the prism and this gives the users the chance to aim properly.

The lens of this scope has a special coating that eliminates any reflection. This allows the user to be treated to clear and brighter images. This is perfect for low-light conditions. The reticle has five different settings for adjusting the brightness.

The Vortex Optics Scope is one of the best scopes available in the market. It is combined various great features that are guaranteed to give a dedicated shooter or hunter a great shooting performance and accuracy on the field.

This scope features a very effective eyepiece that allows for quick focusing. The eyepiece can also adjusted as and when required.

The construction is pretty robust making the scope completely shockproof, this is indeed one of the best features. This is also proven to be resistant to any heavy recoil.

The scope is waterproof and fog-proof. All in all, this scope will certainly live up to your expectations. Add this to your list of things to buy.


  • The product is very durable
  • The construction is sturdy and it holds up well
  • The eyepiece facilitates quick focus
  • Target acquisition is very easy with this scope
  • Very reliable
  • Flawless performance


  • The installation may take a bit of time but it is not a serious drawback

This scope allows users to indulge in the long and mid-range shooting. This features a reliable Picatinny mount, which makes it perfect for shotguns and rifles. The illumination is available in three different colors.

The magnification on this scope is a lot more powerful than most scopes in the market as it lets you get a clear view up to 600 yards, which is quite impressive.

Do not hesitate to buy this wonderful scope as it is packed with fabulous features that will make your day. It does not matter if you are a beginner as this is super –easy to handle. This comes with a dial that lets you switch the colors of the reticle as per your needs.

Do not worry about its longevity ad this is made from metal, which means that even after repeated use it will still hold up well over the years. The tree mounts located in the front will allow you to attach accessories.

Looking at all the features and overall quality of the scope, it can be concluded that it is nothing short of a masterpiece and it needs to be paid attention to. This scope is anything but a let-down. Get yours today.


  • The scope features three mounts for attaching accessories
  • The scope can achieve a maximum magnification of 4x
  • The reticle has three colors
  • This features a Picatinny mount
  • Very strong and sturdy product
  • Good value for money


  • Getting used to making adjustments to zero may take a while

This scope is everything you need as it comes with 3 Allen keys, lithium battery, and a cloth for cleaning. Do not sweat out by worrying about recoils as this is engineered to withstand a great deal of it. This is shockproof and fog-resistant to a great degree.

The scope measures 6 inches and it is known to have very high resolution and good transmission of light. This is one feature that will be appreciated by all users. The scope gives you clear and crisp images no matter what the lighting conditions.

The lenses have been given a special treatment which enhances the accuracy.  The scope has three settings to make changes to the level of brightness. This has a lens of 32mm that gives you a clear view of 100 years. This will be your perfect companion during hunting seasons.

If you are keen on buying something that will be of good value for the money spent, this is the perfect product. Its wonderful features have made it a very popular choice amongst gun enthusiasts.

If you want to get the very best of your gun and enhance your shooting skills along the way, then you know what to look for without a second thought.


  • This scope is shockproof and fog-resistant
  • This available in three different illuminations
  • The lenses have multiple layers
  • Overall quality is impressive
  • Great performance


  • The scope takes a bit of time to adjust but it has no negative impact on the performance

Here is a scope that is fog-proof, shockproof, and waterproof but that is just the  tip of the iceberg here. This scope has many more features that make it worth buying.

To begin with, the construction is solid. Customers do not wish to invest in products that fall apart after a couple of times of use. Happily, this scope does justice more than any other out there.

When it comes to eye relief, you will be glad to know that it’s a generous 38mm which means that you will get a clear image, just perfect for long-range shooting. The other good feature that needs a mention is that it comes with a daytime reticle that uses fiber optics.

The chevron reticle draws light via its optics and facilitates accurate shooting even when the light is low.

The maximum magnification of the scope is 4x and it is more than enough to get a clear shot of the target. The lenses have a special coating to improve the level of clarity. This scope should be added to your shopping list.

So, by now you have realized that whether you are a shooter or a hunter, this cope is your new best friend as its performance will never fail you. This boasts of major improvement over the other models.


  • This scope is fog-proof, shockproof, and waterproof
  • The eye relief is very good
  • This has a Chevron reticle
  • The lenses have multiple coating that facilitates maximum light transmission
  • The overall quality is very impressive
  • Sleek design
  • Very durable product


  • Takes a bit of time to figure out but you will eventually get there

If you are on the lookout for a good ACOG clone then check this one out. This is one scope that offers you the clearest image at any time of the day.

With this neat tool, you can boost your shooting skills by a couple of notches. The illumination is controlled by knob and the level of brightness can also be adjusted. How cool is that?

This ultra-compact scope has a mount built into its body that will permit the users to achieve a quick set up. This is compatible with any rifle that has a Picatinny rail. The scope is made from sturdy aluminum which often used in aircraft so you can expect this to hold up pretty well throughout the years. This has no loose components and that is a good thing for sure. 

The scope can achieve a zoom of 3x and has objective lenses of 30mm. The scope measures 6 inches and is rather compact and sleek. The scope holds at zero very well and this feature will go down very well with the users.

Now that you are well acquainted with the features of this wonderful scope, there is no need for you to hold back anymore simply go out and buy this and you will not regret it. This is perfect for beginners and professionals alike.


  • The scope has good quality lenses
  • The image quality is crystal clear
  • Has an integrated mount
  • Hold to zero very well
  • The reticle is illuminated
  • Good quality
  • Great performance


  • The elevation knob needs a little tweaking

Final Verdict

Because of being the replica of the original ACOG scopes, all the scopes we have discussed above is very affordable for any shooter that wants to have some fun experiments with a tactical scope.

If you are looking for the scope that is as close to the original ACOG as possible, then the BD Tactical Clone should be an excellent purchase.

However, if you want something a little bit more flexible with the power source, the you should consider the Sightmark

The Bushnell is a fantastic choice if you want to experience some fast action with the tactical scope. It has the amazing target acquisition speed that can rival any other adversary scopes on the market.

We hope all the products we mention can attract your minds with many excellent features. We are sure that one of them can satisfy your need perfectly.

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