The Best 5.56 Reloading Dies – A Story You’ll Never Believe

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If you want to make your gun work perfectly, then you must get the right accessories for it. A reloading die is something that makes it work better.

If you are a gun enthusiast, then you must always be looking for ways to enhance your experience. 

We know how you want to personalize your firearm to make it perform the way you want. The most important thing is to find a compatible reloading die that will prove to be of great assistance.

This is why we bring you the Best 5.56 Reloading Dies that will change the way you think of them.

The 5 Best 5.56 Reloading Dies Reviews

As promised, we bring you a list of the top-class 5.56 reloading dies that you can bank on:

If you are on the lookout for Best 5.56 Reloading Dies then do try this set by Hornady and you will not be disappointed. This brand is known to make some of the finest ammunition. The brand makes different types of ammunition including customizing types.

These sets of dies are designed specifically to facilitate mass reloading. People who use semi-automatic rifles will certainly find these dies very helpful. These are very affordable and most importantly they are user-friendly.

Are you worried about the quality? Well, the good news is that these dies are made to last and so you will not find the need to seek replacements soon. These are certainly worth the money you decide to spend on them.

The one thing that customers will like is that the brand offers a warranty that is valid for a lifetime. These dies do not wear out form performing reloads for .223 and 5.56 mm ammunition. These dies are quite simple and they feature Hornady’s trademark zip spindle.

This prevents your hands from getting injured while tightening the lock on the spindle. There is no doubt that these should be included in your shopping list right away.


  • Very easy to handle
  • The overall quality is very impressive and these dies will last for a long time
  • Made from very high-quality steel
  • The manufacturer offers a warranty that is honored for a lifetime (lifetime of reloading)


  • The lock on the zip spindle seems a little too tight but this is not  a major problem

These Dies from Lee happen to be the most sought after products in the market, particularly by shooters and reloaders. There is no denying that his particular kit is created for users who own a 5.56 or a.223. This means anyone who owns an AR gun will be able to use these dies.

This comes with a measure to monitor the powder content so you can be assured that you will not be going overboard with things. The standard-sized die is best utilized with the AR 15 or similar rifles. These dies are very versatile as they can be combines with different rifles.

The sales package comes with a die known as the crimp die, this helps to secure the bullets in a fixed position. This feature makes crimping very smooth. The neck sizer is made for bolt action and single-shot rifles.

When it comes to longevity and overall quality these dies are undisputed, you can expect them to last you for a while. So, if you are looking for reliable dies your search ends with these. Go out and get yours today and you will not regret it at all. With these, you can make every shot count.


  • The collet die works very well
  • Features a full length resized die
  • This is perfect for the 223 Remington
  • The sales package contains a shell holder and  a measure for the powder
  • The quality is superb and these dies are built to last


  • The resizer for the neck is a bit big

These dies have earned a lot of popularity simply because it has wonderful features that make using it such a delight. The most likable feature of these dies is the durability as they can withstand very heavy usage.

This has taper crimp that makes things a lot easier with compromising on the safety factor. This is one feature that will go down very well with shooters who use AR rifles. The dies will permit you to achieve good chambering and precision.

These dies are most suited for 5.56 and 223 mm and can be used for AR rifles or similar models. This will allow you to shoot faster rounds in dire situations. The good thing about his is that it is manufactured for all reloaders.

Now are you worried about the quality of these dies? Fear not as the quality is quite impressive. They will hold up well unlike the other flimsy products in the market. There is no denying that these dies will bring out the best in your rifles. So do not hesitate to buy them today.


  • These dies are very easy to use and maintain
  • They come with a plastic case
  • Compatible with semi-automatics and AR guns
  • Perfect for frequent reloaders
  • They are constructed from high-quality materials


  • The tapering needs a bit of effort
  • The crimping could have been a bit better

This is ideal for those shooters who want to get the most out of their case. The sales package includes three standard dies that have added features. The first die is for resizing that also includes a stem for decapping. The next one is a button to expand the neck. The third one is a die for neck sizing that comes with an expander.

When you reload a 5.56 you may only have to use 2 dies. In certain cases, you may have to use the third one too, so it is good that the kit includes it. The superb quality reassures you that you have certainly put your money on the right brand.

This set may be a bit expensive but at the same time, its consistency makes it a worthwhile investment. These are the best dies that money can fetch you right now.

The brand has been in the market for quite some time now and their products are well received by the public. The manufacturer uses state of the art technology in making these dies and you certainly will not be disappointed at all.


  • The chamber performance is simply outstanding
  • The dies have been manufactured using the latest and upgraded technology
  • The case life is extended by these dies
  • The carbide expander is very strong and hard
  • Overall quality is very impressive and it will last for a long time


  • Non

If you have your eyes fixed on the Best 5.56 Reloading Dies then just settle for these, as they are constructed for frequent users. This includes a standard-sized carbide die. You may be required to add lubrication on to its surface but their performance is simply out of this world.

The kit contains a crimp die, seating die, and a sizing die. The sizing or de-priming die has a standard length. When it comes to the design of the sizing die it can function as a case remover. The seating die has been designed to make sure that the bullet stays straight at all times.

The manufacturer recommends that a case gage should be utilized to make adjustments to the die at the side. The sizing assembly contains an expander ball to facilitate neck expansion. This ball can be found in the center of the stem.

The general quality of the dies is very good and they are certainly worth purchasing. So if you do want to get the best out of semi-automatic rifles then do not give this a miss. Add this to your shopping list as soon as possible.  Once you start using these dies, you will never look back.


  • The product is very reliable
  • The performance is very good
  • The dies are completely resistant to scratches
  • The sizing die comes with a carbide insert that adds to the longevity
  • Quality is quite good


  • This takes a bit of time to figure out but that is not to be treated as a major disadvantage

What Is A Reloading Die?

If you still want to in detail, then reloading die is a vital component of a reloading press. This die then is used to decap, extend the cartridge, resize, also seat the bullet into the right chamber, and even crimping it. This die is used to yield each and every bullet you will be reloading.

How To Choose The Best 5.56 Reloading Dies?

There is no fixed answer to this, yet we can tell you a few based on our personal experiences. We are gun addicts and we try to do things our way. Hence, we can tell you that your reloading must be chosen on the basis of:


Yes, please keep it practical. Again, you may feel that quality comes for a price, but you need to decide as per your requirement. Once, you know what you need to do, it will be easier for you to fix a number. We advise you to stick to this number. For example, you will find Lyman 223 on our list. If you are looking for a starter kit, you can go for it.


Please make certain that your reloading die can take on punched out and tough molded casings to begin with. They can be used as lubes also in some instances and must be backed by a powerful warranty scheme, like the RCBS 11107 .223 Rem. Are you getting what we mean?


This implies, whatever you procure make sure it is like Lyman 223. This die ensures that your bullet remains secured and crimped effectively into your weapon. A die must be progressive and dedicated to your reloader. Undoubtedly, that would make it multipurpose for use. Remember, everyone prefers multiuse products these days.


For example, RCBS 11107 .223 Rem is a reliable name in the industry. It comes with more than 60 years of service. Why will people not trust it? This is the kind of commitment we are talking about.

Benefits Of The Best 5.56 Reloading Dies

Look, if you invest in quality reloading products, you will soon feel the difference. In case, you are new, this segment will help you comprehend what a reloading die is good at.


To start with, reloading is equivalent to being cost-effective. Yes you heard us right, as they save you the cost of extra bullets. This certainly is a good thing that you can count on. Once, you start using them, you will know how else they serve you.


That is correct, reloading dies make you self-reliant and gives you full control. This means whenever the manufacturer makes changes to their products, you can bring about some changes as well. You are in charge, which suggests that you can get the ammunition of your choice too!

Better Consistency

So, handing loading your weapon is always is a good sign. You are no longer dependent on anyone and can do so on your own. Isn’t that great? In simple words, your firearm will be more accurate and you will reap the benefits of reloading dies while shooting for sure.


You are responsible for your own ammo, what is better than that? It is your ammo and you are in command of your performance. The functioning of your firearm is in your hands and you can make the most out of it. What more can you ask for?


In other words, you get to play around with gunpowder (not the plot). On a serious note, you can personalize and get to experiment a lot. There are new ways of reloading that you can always try, which adds an extra zing to it.


Hey, come on now, it is pure fun. Okay, doesn’t it sound like one? It is a craft that is part of your hobby. Now, it cannot get better than this. It is a gun we are talking about and craftsmanship. Reloading is really interesting. Try it and you will know it.


You can customize your bullets and that is like a dream for any gun owner. If you are into it, you know how it feels. If you are new to it, find out how it feels. It is amazing and this whole control over your ammunition is like an aphrodisiac that boosts your drive.


See, reloading is not rocket science. You can accomplish your goals with the right tools. We have collaborated information about nothing but the best in here. If you are a novice and want to get serious, then reloading is the way to go about it.

In this line of thought, we have reviewed the Best 5.56 Reloading Dies that will make it helpful. We have researched and named them based on our personal experience. Do give them a chance if you like reloading. Why not pick something off the list and give it a go? Think about it. They will make your life easy.

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