The Top Four Amazing 3-9×40 Scopes On The Market

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At present, consumers are facing multiple options for gunsight. Therefore, at the first section, we discuss on features belonging to the best scope

However, we want to specialize in only one category- 3-9x40 scope.

Among riffle gunsight, we have 3-9x40 scopes as the best buy for hunting. Its popularity in hunters is no kidding. You can find a good one quite easily by considering several features,

After examining some of the best-selling products, we recommend the top four 3-9x40 scopes below. 

Keep reading! We promise none of them will disappoint you.

How to Choose The Best 3-9x40 Scope?

The effectiveness of 3-9x40 scopes

One of the most outstanding features about 3-9x40 type is magnification.

We have plentiful options in magnification. Overall, we have other scopes with better magnification starting with 5.

But, ask yourself if you need that much for a medium range hunt?

We consider 3-9x40 perfect for this activity for some reasons. The range of zooming appears just fine when you go into the hunting area. From 3 to 9 power, you can aim at targets in both close quarters or long distance.  

3-9x40 scopes appear affordable picks when you expect nothing exceed.  

You might be wondering:

What “non-exceeds” should we expect from a good 3-9x40 gunsight?

Features To Expect


We all know that reticle helps us to catch up the target more easily. Especially, in a complex background, reticle serves as the key assistant in accurate aiming.

We recommend cross-hair reticles. You know, cross-hair, unlike crossing lines, leave users with clear vision at the target. Crossing lines will disable important positions in long shots.

Besides, you should pay attention to the glass and reticle at the same time. The good quality glass brings clear view and as a result, reticle works  best. Most importantly, when you maximize magnification power, the image might go vague. It's the time you wish for a premium lens.


For  the best view, resolution plays a quite essential role. Do not take resolution for granted!

Usually, cheap scopes cannot translate HD pictures after the lens. You must invest time in finding a product with high resolution quality based on your budget.

Focal plane

The focal plane is a controversial topic in choosing rifle scopes for hunts. Some people say it helps but some claim the opposite.

As far as we know, the focal plane has nothing to do with 3-9x40 scopes. The gunsight itself has average magnification power that needs no support from the focal plane.

Our Picks Of Top 4 Best 3-9x40 Scopes


  • Affordable price

  • Handy adjustment system with an elevation function

  • A professional optics system for daylight aiming

  • Modern QTA technique for instant aiming

  • Windage with audible alarm

  • Moisture-proof


  • Plastic knobs

  • Not good recoil-proof

In the top 4 today, this one is the best pick for money. The Simmons is affordable for anyone who just goes for the first hunts. These people are not ready to spend a fortune on a scope.

This scope is the best example of the the sentence "don't judge the book by its cover". Despite its plain appearance, this gunsight really does a good job.

First coming to the outlook, this one appears in a matte finish with the fully-coated optic system as many other models on the market.

However, it might disappoint you a bit if a metal knob is  your expectation. Knobs here are made of plastic.

Overall, it works well with beginners or in simple hunting games.

Let’s go for the details!

The lens is amazing. We have here a clear light view for daytime hunting. The optic minimizes light contrast to produce the best image to your eyes. The border appears slightly blurred but triplex reticle works well in identifying the target.

It's a waterproof gunsight that you can use in any weather conditions. As we recommend, this is  a decent rifle scope for outdoor hunting games.

In addition, quick target acquisition eyepiece proves the real support of  this Simmons 3-9x40 scope in the game.

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  • The super clear and bright image conveyed

  • BDC reticle for long shots plus crosshair patterns

  • Long eye relief

  • Moisture-proof

  • High –quality Nikon's lens with a fully coated optic


  • No support for side focus

  • No fog-proof

What makes this scope outstanding?

The Nikon’s lens does. The Nikon optic in this Buckmasters II enhances the image quality to the best. The lens keeps the light in control with minimal light exposure and optimal clearness.

We could not expect more for a scope glass. Nikon has made premium resolution optics which suit any type of hunting trip.

During shooting, you receive assistance from the BDC reticle with hair cross. The bullet drop compensator feature improve your chances of scoring. With the help of hair cross pattern, this scope makes sure to keep every target in your vision,

Bonus, this one works well under rain because of the water-proof feature. However, you should be careful with fog because this gunsight cannot stand humid air for a long time.

If you shoot, you will realize this Buckmaster works great with recoil-proof. Long eye relief is added as another bonus for long hours of hunting. Even in case of  shock, long eye relief scope keeps you in precise position for shooting.

With the combination of Nikon and Buckmasters, this scope is one of the best picks considering both price and quality.

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  • Premium materials

  • Flawless motion sensor with FireDot to acquire target instantly

  • Great glass for high-quality pictures

  • Convenient red dot to catch up with the position in seconds

  • Proper eye relief


  • Expensive

This one is the premium on the list. Partly because of the price but a product by Leupold will by no means let us down.

This one is as perfect as a typical Leupold.

Firstly, the image appears so real at high resolution. You can  determine the target in seconds with premium glass and red dot technique. The lens will keep you with the target on any moves. Besides, the red dot is also another factor that keeps light exposure in acceptable level.

This one is a lightweight scope. Combined with the flawless FireDot, you need to do nearly nothing besides looking at the gunsight.

Firedot will mark your target accurately in hunting with long shots. Such a good reticle has provided good medium-long eye relief.  

Despite the expensive price, this scope deserves the attention from all types of hunters. No matter how experienced you are, this scope brings you closer to the victory.

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  • HD quality for images

  • Handy lens for low light reflection

  • Multicoated lens to handle dust and dawn

  • Long eyes relief

  • Waterproof

  • Affordable scope


  • Barely visible crosshair reticle

Speaking of a medium budget plan, do not ignore this Bushnell. It seems like Bushnell shows up as a brands for budget savers. You save quite a lot for a high quality model.  

The selling point of this scope is HD lens. It conveys the best image. Besides, the lens handles brightness quite well. Strong brightness is blocked then the final image appears in high resolution.

Regarding a real scope for hunting games only, this one is undoubtedly the most suitable. It has no complex functions like other premium gunsight. However, it promises you the best support for a successful hunting trip.

Other standard features are waterproof and long eye relief. If you spend a long time on hunting games, good eye relief is necessary to get you ready for any attack. Otherwise, you might get tired soon because of continuous aiming with tight eyes.

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What does 3-9x40 scope mean?

3 and 9 refer to magnification power. That indicates how many times closer the image you see appears to your eyes. The lens can zoom in 3 times at least and 9 times at maximum.

40 represents the diameter of the lens.

Is it good for targets in long distance?

In general, ideal distance to shot with 3-9x40 scopes is 100 to 300 yard.

At maximum, you can shoot at 500-yard distance.

Is it far enough?

When should we choose 3-9x40 scope over others?

We recommend using 3-9x40 for hunts. Usually, space must be large enough for you to aim at the animal within allowed magnification.

Final Sayings

Having a 3-9x40 gunsight seems a worthwhile purchase. This gunsight provides assistance for users to aim precisely . There are no more additional utilities. However, you can pay more for a modern 3-9x40 lens.

The lens works perfectly for both short or long shots but only when you need no extra. Sometimes, a bonus of technology or extra HD images deserve consideration. We all know that some add-in features can help a lot in the games.

Finally, we see that the Nikon Buckmasters II seems to be the best option. Firstly, it comes at a good price that anyone could afford. Secondly, Buckmaster produces the highest image quality that guarantees to satisfy you. 

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