Little Known Facts About The Best 1-6x Scope

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Are you tired of carrying heavy scopes that are more of a burden? Looking for a light weight and compact scope that will do the work instead? Then consider yourself lucky as you have reached the right place for all the answers today.

There are so many scope mounts available in the market that you get confused with which one to invest in, especially if you a novice. Nonetheless, we know that you would 1-6x scopes make a great choice because of their utility. You can magnify six times larger or make it less to 1, choice is yours. This prompted us to discuss the best 1-6x scope in details with you.

Have a look at this discussion and let us know how you feel about it.

How To Choose The Best 1-6x Scope?

The first thing that you should notice is the quality while buying a 1-6x scope mount. That is correct because, the quality of a scope alone should serve as the decider. You must not trust anything that is fragile as that will ruin your shooting experience completely.

Again, quality does not mean that you must buy something very expensive as price may not be an assurance of quality always. In fact, we have some more pointers that you can find to be helpful in regards to this.

Performance Power

There is no need to explain that you should not fall for the inferior ones that may look attractive, but deliver nothing. So, we urge our readers to invest in a scope that has a proven track record like that of the Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-6x24 Rifle Scope. Hands down, this will alleviate your shooting to a level because of the clear optics.


Come on, do we even need to remind you that a scope should be worth your money? In other words, it must last you long and heavy-duty to withstand all types of weather conditions. For example, the Primary Arms 1-6x scope is quite a scope that is considered as fit for law enforcing officers, military and hunters specifically.


As we have already mentioned that pricey does not necessarily have to be good, in the same way cheap does not have to be bad. That said, we mean, it is your priority that should be your guiding factor. This implies you should not go for fancy scopes but stick to the basics that should work in the field. Be practical and that will be all you will need to be.

Easy To Install

Then, of course, your scope should be easily mounted on the rifle of your choice. You may need to uninstall the scope many a time and if there is no room for that, then you will be in deep trouble when the time comes. It is better to opt for something that is not at all demanding to save time as well.

User Friendly

The whole point of the scopes would fail if they are found to be difficult to use. Hence, the need of the hour would be to invest in something that absolutely easy to handle from the very beginning. There should not be much of a learning involved in this.

Ease On Eyes

You may be working from sun up to down that suggests your scope should have anti glare feature. Must have a high quality glass for maximum light transmission. If possible go for multi coated optics and it should be noted that this aspect can play havoc in regards to the quality of your images. To sum this up, it must give eye relief and not strain them instead.

Benefits Of A Best 1-6x Scope

What possible could be the benefits of a 1-6x Scope? We have found all the answers, so that you don’t have to go looking for more. Yes, we have got you covered and you can read the following section with care for this.

  • First things first, you feel confident with a proper tool in your hand while out there in the wild, let alone the addition of a scope to your rifle
  • A scope will provide you with a better view of your target, you can see larger images that will certainly help you take a proper aim at it
  • The reticles will assist you shoot in any type of shooting (style) you opt for
  • Do we even need to elucidate that you end up with improved accuracy by employing a scope
  • Not to forget, that this increases the range of your rifle in a way
  • You can take longer shots because of this (depending on your rifle type)
  • You will end up with better scores by all means for sure by using a scope mount

Where Can You Buy These Scopes?

It is very easy to place an order these days with so many online retailers competing for it. Just let your activity guide you about the kind of scope and keep it practical while choosing it. Don’t worry you will get more guidance from the manufacturer for this.

Top 3 Best 1-6x Scope Reviews

Have a look at our top picks that will add to your shooting experience all time.

Since we are discussing 1-6x scopes, there is no need to explain that the magnifying power is quite prominent. It has multi coated optics that enhances light transmission for you. This most definitely makes your shooting comfortable without any doubts.

The alignment of the scope improves your accuracy to a greater extent. If not anything, the brand name has a value that you cannot ignore. We have jolted down some of the most striking features of this scope and they as follows:


  • First of it is a stunner for the looks
  • Nonetheless, it has a rugged construction that makes it highly reliable
  • Has anti glare coatings that can ease your eye
  • The reticle can maintain the same size of your target due to something called “Second Focal Plane Reticle” technology
  • Is very durable because of the two layers of glass
  • Moreover, the reticle can estimate the range of your shooting
  • It has drift correction facility that makes your shooting smooth
  • This scope is waterproof and can increase your strength on the whole


  • The reticle may take some time to get used to
  • The eyebox on the scope is pretty tight that may be difficult to adjust

It is a quality scope that has quite obviously 1-6X of magnification power. It comes 12 brightness settings and this is one of the reasons for its popularity. The asking price is not that high and that means you possibly can’t go wrong with this at least.

It is fog resistant and waterproof, not to forget that these qualities do make it a sturdy scope. There is more to this scope and you can find them right here:


  • It has a tough construction and that unquestionably makes it the Best 1-6x Scope
  • Can magnify 6 times the object of your fixation
  • Works with Second Focal Plane that keeps the size of your target same
  • It also comes with caps that can be flipped up
  • Has a clear glass and the reticle is good enough to hold
  • The ACSS 5.56 offer you with a wide range of targeting
  • Yes you can target moving leads as well with this scope
  • Comes with 3 years warranty


  • The 3-6X part gets little blurry and that does not serve the purpose
  • There is not much information about this scope makes it difficult to decide in its favor

Vortex is a well-known in the firearms industry because of its quality. The scope under discussion is no different to this. This is a high end scope and it is very durable with 2 layers of glass on the reticle. It has an illuminated reticle that provides you with all guidance you may need in low light conditions.

True to its name, the Strike Eagle can actually help you sort your range before a shot. That implies you can shoot when you think it is required. So, here is a detailed review of the Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-6x24 that can help you take a call by your own.


  • Good looking scope that actually adorns your rifle
  • Has full multi coating on the glass that are anti reflective as well
  • You get an enhanced light transmission because of this
  • The reticle is designed with Second Focal Plane that keeps up the original size of the target for better view
  • It has very easy zeroing capability
  • Illumination is pretty good especially when on high power


  • Very expensive for a scope and that could be a quandary for some gun enthusiasts
  • The Vortex cap as promised with this bundle could differ


You may need the best 1-6x scope for your next hunting expedition, but you must make sure the one you are choosing is compliant with the industry standards. Remember, optics should be fully coated as this is the rule of the industry. Must be anti-glare as all this makes it easy to camouflage your rifle and follow the rest of the aspects that we talked about while selecting a scope.

In short, they must be quality scopes that should serve the purpose well and make you a proud owner. What are you still waiting for? Go on then and get your 1-6x scope now!

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