How To Fix An AR Not Chambering Next Round

The possible cause of AR not chambering next round is various, which can be weak ammo, too heavy of the buffer, or the gas tube is dirty, etc. 

It's tough to find out what is the exact problem, so you don't need to care about the causes. Instead, you can apply some simple solutions to fix your AR, and you will see the reason after.

Be careful as all fixes here need you to have the fundamental knowledge of the gun structure.

Solutions for AR isn’t Cycling Properly

Clean the Weapon


The first solution is the easiest one that most users have in mind.

After a long using time, the gunpowder and the dust can build up carbon obstacle inside the mechanical system, making the gun not chamber well.

Now you need to unload your weapon and clean up precisely all accessories, then try again to watch if your gun works smoothly or not.  

If it doesn’t work correctly, then you have to come with the next solutions.

Fix the Gas Tube

Snagging on the gas tube is maybe the reason of not chambering in AR. In that case, the bolt carrier hesitant to close on the gas tube.

Frequently, after firing a round, the bolt will cycle back. So if the gun fails to pick up the next round as it doesn’t close all the way, you probably have the gas tube crooked.

Depending on the leak in the gas system, you may have to fix your AR or change a new gas tube in case of the leak is serious.

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Check the Buffer Spring

Two types of the rifle buffer

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AR now has two types of buffer springs, which are the Carbine and Rifle style. Weight can vary between different models, and there is standard weight from H through H3.

Cycling problems can be caused if you have too heavy as well as too light of a buffer. For safety, we recommend you should acquire an H or H2 buffer for your gun.

Another problem about the buffer spring is too old. An old buffer spring can cause the AR not to chamber the next round properly. Similarly, a greased up buffer spring can also make the same issue. 

Therefore, you should check out the buffer spring if you have this problem, and replace or clean it if needed.

Try Another Types of Ammunition

Using bad or unsuitable bullets can cause a break in the chamber process. For some reasons, most specific AR don’t fit with some particular ammunition.

So you can change to the different type of bullets to check if this is the reason why your rifle doesn’t cycle continuously.

The Consequence of Not Cycling Properly in AR

The barrel explodes because one bullet stucks inside

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That is all fixes you can try, but may you wonder what could be dangerous if your AR is not chambering next round?

The most issue you must be careful is the bullets can stick in the barrel, and it’s more dangerous if you still try to pull the trigger.

As a result, the probability of exploding barrel is very high. When the barrel explodes, the locker will strike out and damages the gunner.

Wrapping Up

We have shown you all the cause can be and the way to fix it, hope you can solve your problem without getting any trouble.

It’s vital to maintain periodically your rifle, which can help your AR increase the durability and avoid being broken even at the small parts.  

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  1. One omission is to check the gas rings. Worn rings or improperly spaced rings can cause the same problem.

    1. Rings should be spaced 120 degrees apart.

    2. bolt should have some resistance when removing from the carrier

  2. Happened to do a AR pistol build did not put Loctite on gas block screw have non-adjustable gas block 1 set screw warped it’s way out? Firearm will not recycle after first shot is this the problem replace screw?

  3. My AR10 is not chambering correct I have changed almost all the parts on it and still seems not to work can someone help or give advice that I might be missing

  4. I just finished a 308 build ar-10. Everything works but won’t eject the old round and recycle the new round in. What’s the cause.


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