Top 6 Best AR-15 Alternatives You Can’t Miss

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The AR-15 is a hugely common gun with ease of production and use. It is especially customizable and on-the-shelf with proper prices.

Although it is fantastic choices for many shooters and gamers, some others don’t like it for many causes.

It may be very popular; so many people want to look for the novelty, uniqueness for their purposes.

There are currently some best AR-15 alternatives on-the-shelf for you to choose.

Even though they might be a bit more expensive than the AR-15, these alternatives are still ideal guns for you. Let’s have a closer look at them!

#1. AK47 (Russia)

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The largest difference between AR-15 (USA) and AK-47 (Russia) is likely the incorporated tolerances.

AR-15 is an extremely reliable and accurate rifle. It can be shot with a high-pressure bullet.

Meanwhile, AK-47 is a very tough rifle which makes it seemly durable and functions well under the most adverse conditions. So it can be a proper choice for defense and hunting.

In comparison to the 5.56×45mm NATO caliber of AR-15, AK-47 is chambered in the 7.62×39mm NATO cartridge.

In terms of weight, AR-15 is incredibly lightweight as well with most parts made from high-strength aluminum with a few steel constituents.

On the other hand, the AK-47 is far more durable but drastically heavier since it is almost all steel.

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#2. FN FS2000 (Belgium)

FN-FS2000 (Belgium)

The FS2000 is the final bullpup on the list of best alternatives for an AR-15 in this article. It is also made by FN Herstal.

This is an exceedingly high-quality gun. It fires a 5.56x45mm bullet.

Unlike several other bullpups with many rail systems, the FS2000 has only one.

This rifle though doesn’t have as smooth looking as other bullpups, but it still has a good looking.

In term of price for bullpup rifles, it is drastically cheaper than other ones.

#3. FN SCAR (Belgium)

FN SCAR is a completely excellent gun which is used by some militaries.

Alike AK47, SCAR also fires bigger ammo. AK fires 7.62×39mm while the heavy version of SCAR fires 7.62×51mm which is an outstanding round for purposes on defense or hunting in the big scope.

Meanwhile, the light version of FN SCAR is chambered in the same 5.56×45mm cartridge as AR-15.

Nonetheless, for super guns as FN SCAR, it is around five times more expensive than the cheapest AR-15 guns.

However, you can also choose another version of SCAR made by Bushmaster, named ACR. It is a bit cheaper.


The Tavor X95 and the AR-15 are both chambered in the same 5.56×45mm NATO caliber.

This rifle cycles incredibly smoothly and has an outstanding trigger pull. It is a very accurate rifle and has an ideal rail system.

The IWI Tavor is off-the-shelf in some various colors. It also has several outstanding stock visibilities.

The Tavor is built to strengthen the durability, reliability, simplicity. Also, it is extremely easy to maintain, especially under battlefield or harsh conditions.

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The Springfield M1A is AR-15’s predecessor which was modernized to become a civilian model of a strategic M14 rifle.

It is a hugely high-quality rifle and an ideal replacement for an AR-15. Its cartridge is larger than that of an AR-15 with 7.62×51mm NATO ammo.

The Springfield M1A has various variants to satisfy shooters’ needs. In general, it is an ideal quality rifle for you.

Steyr-AUG (Austrian)

Most true gun shooters are well familiar Steyr AUG because of its outstanding distinct layout.

This type of rifle is used by multiple armies and special forces over the globe, in which there is the Austrian Armed Forces and America’s ICE (the Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

With the design of the bullpup, AUG is a rifle which has the trigger in front of the action and magazine. This makes the gun’s overall length shorter than the rifles with the same length of the barrel.

Although the AUG shoots the same 5.56x45mm NATO bullet as AR-15, it almost doesn’t offer any kick at all. So it can be controlled extremely easy.

The rifle is a little lightweight and has an incredibly good shooting.

Though its trigger pull is not as light as some other rifles, it is an ideal gun to fire with maximum effective range up to about 440 yards.

Nonetheless, like FN SCAR, this type of gun is drastically more expensive than AR-15.

On A Final Note

Taking everything into account, each type of the rifles mentioned above has its pros and cons in comparison to the AR-15.

So before choosing yourself AR-15 alternatives, you should consider your shooting purpose, the gun's advantages, your pocket, etc.

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