Best AR 15 ACOG Scope: Reviews and Buying Guide

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Have you ever wondered about ACOG scope popularity?

ACOG stands for Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight. Might you guess something from the name?This scope performs as a true progress in gunsight development.

For diversity in use, US military and even numeral marine corps choose ACOG scope over other options. This gunsight becomes the best-selling worldwide.

As there are plenty attractive offers on the market, do you find it confusing to choose the best AR 15 ACOG Scopes?

Keep reading!

How to Choose the Best AR 15 ACOG Scopes

Because gunsights are not usual consuming products, there are just few guidelines on the public. Examining different options, we conclude in certain features to study about ACOG to decide it's a good one. Stay tuned!


Because it’s a gunsight scope, the first concern must be accuracy. People spend money on gunsight accessories because of better aiming, undoubtedly.


Ranges of magnification decides how clearly you see the object. Then, you should consider it a criterion to choose suitable scopes.

Different ACOG scopes show off the diverse range of magnification. Provided that you cannot decide the target's distance, we recommend an ACOG with a wide range of aiming.

As a result, you can aim at spots both in close quarters and far away.

Eye relief 

If an ACOG provides long eye relief, you can aim at more points behind the gun sight. Let’s consider this point one of your priorities when selecting the best AR 15 ACOG Scopes.

Usually, long eye relief comes with limited range of magnification. Be careful!

The diameter of the objective lens

Big lenses will give you a picture with more details since it allows more light through. The brighter it is, the clearer you can watch.

Big lens also broadens your view. Hence, you can aim with both eyes open.

Let's imagine you are in defense situations, there is no time to aim with a closed eye in a close quarter. You must do it fast so a big lens turns out to be all you need.

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There are some features to split up ACOG’s lifespan.


Most of ACOG for AR 15 is made with aluminum alloy. It’s a stainless material that keep installation solid and indestructible. 

Waterproof or not?

Some ACOG designs go with battery. They are modern, hence, more convenient. However, make sure that the scope is waterproof. Or how dare us to take it to outings?

Besides, you can choose battery-less gunsight. They are usually more durable under the weather.

Flexible Gun Movements

AR 15 is not a lightweight gun. Therefore, additional accessories should not add up much weight if you want to make movement easily as still.

Lightweight scopes can keep the gun comfortable to move, especially when we shoot at head height.


Budget is not the only problem of buying an ACOG, but it must be the first concern. To save the best for last, we put it here.

You should consider a price tag before deciding your most suitable AR 15 ACOG scope because it is very hard to find out anything good at too low budget.

Firstly, let's take a look at your list of demand, then the scope's script. Let's see if it's worth your investment. If yes, such scope is the most budget saving option for you.


You’re lucky to reach this site today, we have some options that perform the best. And, we have a collection concerning different purposes.

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Top 4 Best AR 15 ACOG Scopes Reviews


  • Lightweight scopes
  • Sturdy installation to rifles
  • Flexible brightness adjustment to aim in various condition
  • Handy BAC optic system


  • No batteries. It might be an advantage to someone because it’s more independent.

Trijicon is a big name for gunsight. The brand has produced this ACOG for all rifles as its title reflects.  

This scopes, from the outlook, guarantee flexibility and durability.

The aluminum alloy appears tight and sturdy to mount in riffles top. In fact, this alloy keeps on hold tightly to make the scope stable for any situation during combats.

Speaking of the lens, the Trijicon 3.5x35 uses battery-free illumination optic system. It allows users to aim at the target with adjustable brightness. This feature appears as a brilliant solution in proposing when most users struggle with adjusting light during shooting.

Besides, this ACOG allows both eyes open during aiming. It's a real advantage when you are not really profession with aiming with a closed eye. Primarily, you can make quicker reaction in emergency.

This is good news if your gun weighs not so light. This cope is only 2.8 pounds then no much weights gained.

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  • Convenient with both eye open aiming optic
  • Good for self-defense
  • Flexible with both long and short distance target
  • Handy red dot design.
  • Brilliant RMR for quick reaction in self –defense.
  • Lightweight


  • No battery but the fiber lighting system for optic works well anyway

This Trijicon appears the best buy for home defense.

Why would we conclude?

Home defense usually asks for a quick reaction to close combat. You barely have enough time to get prepared step by step while aiming must be accurate and powerful.

This ACOG comes with a double gunsight. We have an objective lens at the bottom with a fixed power. That enables you to go for hunting in jungles. However, we have a bonus with the open small optic system on top which turns up more useful in an emergency – self-defense in close quarter.

The 4x optic provides aiming method with both eyes open. We have a red dot to make sure that the vision by both eyes brings out perfect spot.

This AR 15 ACOG even get equipped with RMR on top for the fastest installation. If you do self-defense mode in practice, you understand that defense usually needs a second to aim. That's why RMR helps a lot.

Besides, this scope allows you to take careful aiming, too in case you have enough time.


  • Affordable price on an excellent ACOG on the market
  • Durable built-in scopes
  • No dust reflection


  • Tricky adjustment in zeroing the scope but users will soon master at it
  • Aiming with a red dot might turn out difficult after a while. The tip is taking your eyes rested.

Let’s change your style a bit with an Elite Tactical's ACOG. As for how people describe it in the name, this gun sight comes with a red dot lens. It's quite a typical optic system generally. Hence, we evaluate this scope suitable for numeral shooter no matter how experienced they are.  

It provides close tactical sight, so we recommend this scope for self-defense. With the same mission, Elite Tactical hope to launch a product with high-end quality so civilians can defend in a profession.  

This scopes provide clear optics system to aim. Besides, with a ACOG gunsight, you are checking right on a budget saving option.


  • Sturdy aluminum alloy for installation
  • Convenient BAC optics for both eyes open when aiming
  • Maximum eye-relief ACOG
  • Flexible brightness adjustment


  • Pricey option
  • Small eye box

Trijicon provides the best optics for gunsight. Then here we go for another opportunity with a 4x32 scope with an illuminated red chevron.  

This Chevron's strength lies in the lens. This optic system shows us the aimed position in a clear view. You are confronting with a crisp picture behind the glass that let you watch the target in HD quality.

Because the flawless vision, this scope is favored for army use. The lens works so well in diverse conditions.


Why ACOG Scopes Work Better than Others?

Gunsight is not a compulsory part of the gun, but it works like a great supporter to make the bullet point precisely and powerfully.

If we talked about AR 15's scopes, there were no reasons to ignore ACOG.

ACOG is designed to enhance AR. It fits with almost AR's design and useful functions.

ACOG comes with not only cope but advance optic system that promises a lot of assistant for shooting, the determination in different situations.

What can ACOG Scopes be Used for?

Because of its design, ACOG performs much more than a standard scope. A good ACOG can help users to play well in hunting, shooting battles and last but not least, defense.

The gunsight provides an extensive range of vision that supports shooters in both long and short eye aiming.


Speaking of the universe use, Advanced combat optical gunsight is worth the investment. It guarantees accuracy and flexibility to users no matter for a long or short target. In the army, no wonder why it comes to priority. This gunsight promises advanced bullet routes.  

Besides, narrowing down to more casual use, this ACOG seems to work great with both defense and hunting. With a delicate and convenient design for ACOG at present, why not an ACOG in outings so you and enjoy your hunt to the fullest?

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