The Best AIWB Holster: Easy Concealment with Quick Access

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Appendix carry has become a trend for carrying your firearm up front. Having an Appendix inside Waist Band (AIWB) holster offers the benefits like firearm protection, faster drawing, and easier concealment. With the increasing demand and popularity of appendix carry, the manufacturers are literally competing with one another to provide the best AIWB holster in the market.

However, in order to clear your confusion, in this tutorial, we have narrowed down 3 best products so that you can make an easy decision.

Top 3 Best AIWB Holster Reviews

This CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster is completely a new take on the previous Kydex holster which is manufactured by a veteran-owned organization in the USA and made from a premium material named Boltaron. It’s a great example of a Kydex holster’s evolution as this material provides the same level of low maintenance and durability; however, it is a little more abrasion-resistant and flexible than Kydex, allowing to carry your pistol for a long time.


  • An ergonomic and convenient holster to handle easily.
  • Being made with great detail, this holster features a smooth finish. Gunners just love using it.
  • It features an adjustable cant which allows you to adjust between 0 to 15 degrees.
  • CYA Supply Co. uses highly premium materials. They utilize a strong Boltaron which makes the holster fit the gun properly.
  • This product is resistant to chemicals and other abrasions.
  • It is for both hands’ draws.
  • Its slim and compact design enables for fewer friction points around the pistol which offers you a faster draw in turn.


  • Fits only Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm/.40 S&W.

The Hip Hugger Classic holster is amazingly designed to fit a woman’s wardrobe. Its top-notch retention, concealment, comfort and perfect fit make it a highly-preferred option for the ladies. This holster is really worth to invest in and will soon become your go-to for concealed carry after you purchase it. The company also offers a great client service that attracts more customers.


  • It’s a better-looking holster and women can’t think of disliking its look.
  • It comes with many color options to choose from.
  • It’s made with military-grade materials which make it well-constructed and sturdy.
  • There is no stray thread and no loose eye or hook.
  • Gives complete comfort so you can wear it all day.
  • It’s firmly placed in place and the pistol doesn’t move until you draw it. The weapon stays completely safe in the elastic.
  • Due to its ease of accessibility, you can spin the gun to be worn everywhere you wish.
  • This holster is well worth for your investment as it can be considered as the deepest concealment holster.
  • Exclusively designed to contour with a woman’s figure.

If you are looking for a robust and comfortable IWB holster, then BlackHawk ARC holster is a must-have. Designed with extreme flexibility, it features durable construction also, using the injection molded polymer as material. It is ideal for both law-enforcement and civilian concealed carry. Featuring the rear mounted red dot sights, this holster can be used in combination with a gun and is available in Urban Gray color only.


  • Flexibility is one of the prime benefits why you should definitely opt for this IWB holster.
  • Soft yet durable and injection molded polymer construction.
  • Very popular and available in almost every gun shop.
  • Especially designed for the appendix carry.
  • The holster’s body is cut so the rig will hold a gun properly outfitted with a red dot.
  • The sight channel is oversized for accepting almost every height iron sight.
  • You can utilize a tension screw for adjusting the amount of friction retention.
  • You can adjust the cant by rotating and loosening the belt clip.
  • A versatile product indeed.
  • Completely ambidextrous design enables both hands’ usage.


  • Available in Urban Gray color only

How To Choose The Best AIWB Holster?

In order to know how to buy the best AIWB holster, you must consider the basic features to make a fruitful buying decision. First of all, you should remember what works well with some individuals may not function the same manner with others.

If you are satisfied with having a good holster already, you can skip it. Else, it’s time to know the factors for choosing the right holster:


Do you know how it feels about taking or carrying a pain upper your belt all day? If you are uncomfortable with your holster, you must get another. Because you will wear it on a daily basis. A wide range of materials is available for a holster, which includes hybrid plastic, Kydex (plastic) and multi-material frameworks which blend a synthetic textile backer or leather with the Kydex shell.

Numerous individuals find this blend of materials perfect for long time usage. In comparison, there are some materials which hurt your skin and go worthless shortly.


Buying an appendix holster means faster drawing and more convenience. Easy operation is an added benefit. Since you depend on the speed at drawing your weapon, you must be capable of accessing yours in a hurry. And if we talk about this feature, you need a suitable retention level and an adjustable cant.

In accordance with the experts, cant is nothing but the tilt of the weapon to the right or left while remaining flush against a body. A perfect cant enables your ruling hand for drawing in the fastest way with no awkwardness and contortion. An aggressive cant is able to push you into the situation which makes the drawing messed up and thus, your firearm gets stuck while drawing.

Similarly essential, an AIWB holster must have a neutral or vertical and can’t lean slightly a degree or two towards the ruling side of the gunner for enabling the muzzle for clearing the thigh. Retention must be adjusted to a perfect level so that you again can draw the weapon with no impediment and securely re-holster it with one hand only.


The appendix holster should keep the weapon firmly in position with no creation of any discomfort.


The right holster is safely connected with the belt and doesn’t move once tightened. Simultaneously, there is not going to be any printing via clothing. Then what will be best to search for while it comes to concealment?

The holster usually rides between your trousers and undergarment, and inside of your waistband. The ability option for tucking enables you for tucking a dress shirt or any other kind of cloth into the trousers, presenting a clean and clear display.

Benefits of an AIWB Holster

  • The prime advantages of an AIWB holster are ease of access and convenience.
  • An appendix carry is convenient because it is highly easy for sliding an appendix carry holster and probably the gun in the waistband. You only slide it in, set your clip, tighten the belt and go with it.
  • The conventional IWB holster takes more in positioning and needs back-and-forth adjustment until it’s seated. And the process even becomes more critical when you insert the piston in the holster before inserting it onto the waistline. However, with an appendix carry, you can easily slide the holster in the waistband, tighten the belt, insert the pistol, and get ready to go.
  • Concealment is another advantage with AIWB holster, as a t-shirt’s natural drape simply covers the weapon. Given a little adjustment, you can keep the printing to a minimum. Also, you don’t always need to worry about blowing the concealment when you bend over.
  • Another strategic benefit is drawing a pistol from the appendix position. When a gunner draws behind the hip or from the hip, he experiences a tell-tale rearward motion of his elbow because the arm shifts backward for getting his hand into position.
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Having the best AIWB holster makes every difference while carrying a gun concealed. And when it comes to carrying your concealed weapon, you get lots of options. The best part is that you also get lots of options if you decide to buy an appendix carry holster. Holsters made for appendix carry offer support, comfort and keep your firearm for a quick draw.

So, search for the one which is comfortable, particularly if you are going to wear it for longer, you don’t obviously want which will be digging into your abdomen whole day long. Thankfully, we have found and narrowed down three best products which are really cutting-edge and perfect for your appendix carry. So, you can choose any one product from our list for easy drawing and re-holstering.

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