ACOG vs Aimpoint – The Reliable Option

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If you are looking for optics to use with your firearm then the two names that spring to mind are Aimpoint and ACOG. They are both reputed brands and their quality is outstanding. These are used by professionals and amateurs alike. 

The good thing about these optics is that they are very easy to use. Both the optics have many different features in them so they have a lot to offer. Here is some valuable information on the debate between ACOG vs Aimpoint to help you understand the technical aspects. Want to know more about them? Have a look.

What You Should Know About ACOG vs Aimpoint

In this section, we will first isolate ACOG and Aimpoint to gain clarity on what they are and then we will do a comparison on them. Have read and enlightened yourself.


Though this is made primarily for military use, it can be used by civilians too. This brand has held a strong reputation for making good quality illuminated optics for 25 years. This optic gives the users the chance to get clear shots thus increasing their level of accuracy. This comes with a drop compensator for the bullet drop. This has a maximum magnification of 4x, certain models have a 6x magnification.

This optic has tritium illumination, which is powered by a battery that runs for twelve years. The battery helps to retain light during the day and provides illumination to the optic when the natural light is low.

This features a housing made from sturdy aluminum which is completely resistant to any corrosion. The optics can be mounted very easily and they are easy to operate.


This has a different optic, the design and construction are very rugged. This has a red dot design. This is mostly used by officers from the law enforcement, but it can also be used by hooters who indulge in competitions and hunting sessions.

These are made from hard aluminum alloy, which adds to the longevity. All the optics from this brand is waterproof and fog-proof. The lens has a special coating that eliminates glares and reflection. This can be used in any environment and climate.

The quality of the lens is very good and it does not sustain any damage from impact or scratches. The optics use lithium batteries, which can last for 36 months. They typically have many options to tweak the brightness and they are compatible with devices that have night vision. The optics is also very easy to operate as the controls are user-friendly.

An Honest Comparison

Here are some of the differences and similarities between the optics.


When we look at the specifications of the Aimpoint and ACOG we can see that the waterproofing on the ACOG is better. This can be put into the water up to a depth of 100 meters. The Aimpoint can only tolerate a depth of 45 meters.

The good thing is that both optics are manufactured using special aluminum and are sealed using nitrogen, making them fog-proof. Both are completely shockproof. So, in short, you can expect both to last for a very long time.

Easy Of Operation

The good news is that you will find the optics very easy to operate even if you are a first-timer. The controls on the optics are very easy to handle to make adjustments. Both sport a very compact design. When it comes to weight ACOG is slightly heavier than Aimpoint. 

ACOG is most suitable for long and medium-range shooting. The Aimpoint is mostly used for medium and short-range shooting.


When it comes to pricing they are quite different. ACOG is a lot more expensive than Aimpoint. The prices are based on the features of the optics and ACOG has a lot of features.


The ACOG does not have too many controls. The only control that this has is to make changes to the windage and elevation. You will need tools to facilitate these adjustments. The tritium always stays on and sometimes this adds unnecessary brightness to the reticle.

The Aimpoint comes with a single knob that switches on the optic and tweaks the brightness. The same knob changes the windage and elevation too. So, if you are looking for simplicity in an optic then Aimpoint is your friend for life.


The reticle on the Aimpoint is very simple so you will not have a tough time using it. This has a red dot you do not require any special training to use it. All you need to do is place the target on the dot and pull the trigger. This is very suitable for indulging in combat at a short distance.

The ACOG on the other hand has many options when you think of reticles. This has options such as crosshair, Chevrons, Triangles, dot combinations, and circles. The options tend to differ on the models that you select.


You will be pleased to know that Aimpoint has a good battery life for all the optics manufactured by them. There are certain affordable models from this brand that provide a battery life of minimum of 3 years.

The ACOG can only provide a performance of 12,000. The reticle on this is a bit complicated and this tends to use up more battery. So, when you consider this the Aimpoint wins all hands down.

An Overview

Both the optics are used by the military so you can expect good quality from both brands. Both of them are created to work well with AR 15. The quality of the optics is top-notch as they sport sturdy construction, which means they have good longevity.

Both brands offer a variety of models with various features so you will be spoilt for choice. The brands put their products through several quality checks so you can expect the best for your money. ACOG and Aimpoint are both compact and easy to handle. You will get used to them in no time, which is a really good thing about both of them.

Which One Should You Select?

That depends on what you are looking for so you need to take the time and study your preferences. Both brands have tons of options for you but each optic comes with a different set of features that do different things. You do not want to end up with a product that does not serve your purpose. 

So, before you go out and get any optic you must go through the technical details and their features to make sure you have understood everything. It is best not to rush the process, evaluate all your options, and then go ahead with your decision.

This was all the relevant information you need to understand the debate between ACOG vs Aimpoint. Both brands are reliable and they have been around for many years. Their products are used by the military and civilians, which is an indication that they are easy to use. The installation is also very smooth, which is a positive aspect of the optics.

These may have their share of cons but they have more pros, which is a saving grace. Whichever brand you buy from you will not regret it in the least. The quality and performance of the optics from both brands are undisputed.

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