Outrageous Ideas For Your Best .22LR Scopes

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Optics have changed the way they were a century ago. The advancements have only helped them get better over the years. The growing interest of shooters has inspired us to compose this post.

Yes, we are here to discuss the Best .22lr Scopes that you can rely on.

Review Of The Best .22lr Scopes

Here is a list of the finest .22LR Scopes that money can buy:

This scope may have a big objective 40mm lens but surprisingly the scope is quite lightweight and compact. The length of the 12.3 inches and it weighs only 13.1 ounces so you see that it is highly portable and it can be carried around easily.

The zoom goes from 3x right up to 9x so you are able to see your target up close. The image is crisp, clear and has good contrast. This scope comes with an eye relief of 3.6 inches that is more than enough for any rimfire rifle. So if you are looking for the Best .22lr Scopes then you could settle for this one.

The optics have a special coating that helps to maximize the transmission of light giving the user substantial visibility. This boasts of a sharp and fast focus which means your target has slim chances of getting past you.

The scope features a BDC 150 reticle that has multiple open circles. This was created only for rimfire. The only downside is that the reticle does not have any illumination. This scope gives you a good view that stretches up to 100 yards.

Nikon is a brand that is known not to compromise on the quality of their products. This scope is built to last. The lenses are perfectly sealed with the help of 0-rings. This technology makes the scope shock resistant, fog proof, and waterproof. This is readily sold online and that too for a reasonable price. So, do consider acquiring your unit soon.


  • The optics are multicoated

  • This is designed for rimfire rifles

  • The image quality is very high

  • The manufacturer offers a warranty for a lifetime

  • The overall quality is impressive


  • The user manual should have clearer instructions

Vortex has a strong reputation for packing their products with improvements that enhance the performance by a couple of notches. This scope is no different as it is completely waterproof and fog proof. The body is made from strong aluminum and it has multiple options for reticles.

If you are looking for a good option to indulge in medium-range shooting this is exactly what you should buy. There is no denying that the MOA reticle on this scope gives you fabulous accuracy. This had many hold points and so it does not feel cluttered.

The reticle is etched on the focal plane as this keeps the image to a perfect size. The lenses have multiple coating that acts as anti-reflective. This helps the light to come through and create negligible glare. Even in real low light, the images are very bright, they have high contrast, and are extremely sharp.

When it comes to eye relief it is placed at 3.9 inches. The parallax has been put at 50 yards. The view is fabulous and it stretches from 12.6 to about 42 feet when set at 100 yards.

The body is made from the same aluminum used to manufacture aircraft. The whole body is one single piece and has an anodized coating that adds protection from the dirt, oil, bumps, and scratches. Since, it has O rings that keep the scope sealed you can expect it to be completely waterproof and resistant to shock.


  • The lenses in this scope have multiple coatings

  • The scope is very durable and made from high-quality aluminum

  • The reticle is very intuitive

  • The scope displays high levels of craftsmanship


  • The size may be a little bulky but that does not affect the performance at all

If you are looking for an affordable scope with above-average features then you should consider procuring this. This scope measures 12 inches in length and weighs about 10 ounces. The weight may be a bit heavy but it has no negative effect on the performance of the scope. Its sleek design makes it an instant winner amongst the rest.

The good thing is that it is very easy to install and the sales package comes with different sets of rings for mounting. The eye relief is set to 3.5 inches. Another feature worth mentioning is that the scope can maintain its stability even with a medium recoil. So there are no chances of sustaining any injuries.

The Elevation and windage systems help you narrow in on the targets with a lot of accuracies. There is no denying that this scope helps you locate your target within a short time. The sure-grip feature in the scope permits you to tweak your setting even when you have your gloves on.

The lenses on this scope are completely coated and the HydroField feature lets you use the scope under various climatic conditions. The glare and reflections are quite negligible in this scope. This features an effective triplex reticle and view that goes from 5 to about 31.4 feet.

The overall performance and quality of this cope is far from average and it will grab your attention right away. The manufacturer also offers a decent warranty on the product.


  • The scope comes with Hydroshield coating

  • This features a QTA eye piece

  • The is completely one piece and the design is very sleep

  • Very sturdy construction

  • Quite Affordable


  • The scope may feel a little heavy but it is not uncomfortable at the same time

This riflescope is certainly worth the money you spend on it as it packed with a bunch of wonderful features.  Let us begin with the BDC reticle and the different adjustment features. This is located on the focal plane and it also implies that the size of the target’s image does not get altered too while zooming.

The scope can achieve a magnification that goes from 2x to about 7x which is more than adequate to get a clear shot while practicing on medium and short ranges. The reticle has a zero placed at 50 yards and it also has an additional aiming capability that goes up to 125 yards. 

To allow the user to hit targets at a long-distance, the scope has target turrets to go with any adjustments for elevation and wind. The adjustments are quick and accurate. The quality of the picture is very good as the lenses have several coatings of anti-reflection treatment on them to allow light to be transmitted properly.

The scope performs very well under any climatic conditions which is a wonderful feature. The construction of the scope is quite impressive as it is manufactured from high-quality aluminum. The scope has a high resistance to rust and scratches.

The lenses are sealed with O-rings which means they are dustproof, fog proof, and waterproof. This is very affordable and is readily sold online. The manufacturer offers a decent warranty on this product.


  • The picture quality is flawless

  • Very durable product

  • Features parallax adjuster and target turrets

  • The BDC reticle is very efficient

  • The scope has a sturdy construction and it will last a long time

  • This is also very affordable


  • The scope is a bit heavy but it does not affect the performance at all.

This is the best of the Best .22lr Scopes as it has many different features that will make it a winner. The magnification starts from 3X and goes to 9X. The scope has an objective lens of 40mm that provides you with a wide view at all levels of zoom. This is completely scratch-proof and the lenses feature a special coating that prevents it from damage.

The overall construction of the scope is quite strong and sturdy and it will not wear out very easily. This can be used even in the toughest of climatic conditions without any hesitation.

The scope is fog proof and waterproof and you can install it on your rifle and use it wherever you please. The scope sports a dark matte appearance that makes it look stylish. This also cuts down on the glare to a great degree so you will not reveal your presence to your target.

When it comes to the installation of this scope the whole process is very easy and not time-consuming. This is a very affordable option for all users who do not want to buy overpriced products. The manufacturer also provides a suitable warranty on the scope this is readily found online. There is no doubt that this is worth spending on.


  • This scope happens to be completely fog proof and waterproof

  • The eye relief is fabulous

  • The lenses happen to be very durable

  • The scope can transmit enough light for great shooting

  • The finishing is matte black

  • The scope is very affordable and the manufacturer provides a suitable warranty


  • The lens does not come with a cap

We have found you the Best .22lr Scopes that can help you get that perfect score. Why don’t you take that shot?

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