223 Vs 22-250 : Spec & Feature Comparison

When buying shooting cartridges, newbies may find it quite hard to pick the correct one for them among a wide variety of choices in the field. 

If you are one of those that feel too tired of seeking a helpful review in hunting forums, visiting our content can put an end to your concern. This post is a comparison of two of the most common rounds – 223 vs 22-250. Let’s dig into this post now to satisfy your curiosity.

223 vs 22-250 Comparison in Great Details

This comparison will point out the similarities and differences between these 223 and 22-250 to determine the winner.


Similar Side

In terms of general efficiency, both .223 and .22-250 from the Remington brand are outstanding varmint cartridges, which can take down prey from a long distance in a flash. 

They are also heavily similar ballistically. These rounds can launch projectiles very well up to 3000 fps ( feet/ second), and both can cover bullets varying from 40 to 70 grains. 

They are both versatile and excellent choices for shooting sports

At first glance, the two rounds appear to be largely similar to each other. Is that true? We will move to the next section to identify the key differences.

Different Side

In this section, we will go through portability, velocity, power, versatility, and price.

Portability Factor

The .22-250 Rem cartridge has a longer case, bolt, and receiver than its rival. Length-wise, this round reaches 2.35 inches, while the other is 2.26 inches. All these factors make the .22-250 heavier than its opponent.

Nevertheless, the total volume of rounds that the typical hunter brings along isn’t a big problem. Unless you plan to hunt for lots of games,

Speed Factor

Of most criteria you may consider, just a few factors have as strong an impact on the round’s output as velocity. Speed affects firing accuracy, power, and the ammo’s performance at taking down the prey. Especially with rounds made for long-distance target hunting, velocity is essential. 

Where the difference becomes significant is in their overall speed. 

Here, we affirm that the 22-250 Remington is the winner. 

Particularly, the velocity of 22-250 Rem reaches approximately 400-500 fps (feet per second) faster than its rival. The 223 is slower in this comparison, yet, it still belongs to the top fastest bullets on the cartridges market; at 200-yard it can peak up to 2600 feet/ second.

Power Factor

Both of these rounds have impressive stopping power. Yet, increasing your chance of killing your prey fast and clean is pivotal if you want to join a professional hunting party

In terms of this factor, the .22-250 ver holds the upper hand compared to the .223 Remington. Particularly, the .223 reaches the maximum power of approximately 1,200 ft-lbs, and this version is around 1,500 to 1,650 ft-lbs weaker than its competitor. 

Versatility Factor

There are two factors relating to a bullet’s versatility. Firstly, it depends greatly on how comfortable shooters feel when using these rounds to take down average-sized targets. Secondly, most hunters will base how many grains the round has and its spin rate. 

About the first factor, many veterans shared that both rounds can meet the versatility very well no matter how big a target is. They also add that it will come true only if you have a clear vision of your game and use the correct ammo for your firearm.

Regarding the second factor, the .223 cartridges contain heavier projectiles ranging from 70 to 80 grain, whereas its rivals only load around 40 grains of ammo. There is the fact that most producers offer approximately 55 -60 grains of projectiles for both of these. 

Thus, most hunters depend on twist rates to measure which option is better. The higher the round’s spin rate is, the tougher it is to select the projectiles. 

The .223’s twist rate reaches almost half slower than the .22-250 version. The .223 round often reaches a 1:7- 1:8 spin rate, while its opponent gets a 1:14. 

The difference in spin rate is also crucial to explain why the 223 Remington is more generalized than the other. 

Price Factor

Most hunters will not pick a cartridge only for the cost. Yet, this is also a point to consider between the two of these rounds.

In general, neither of these rounds is extremely pricey; especially, the .223 version might be moderately more economical than the other option. 

The .223 is designed specifically for semi-automatic rifles. On the contrary, its competitor recommended using bolt-action firearms with a lower rate of fire.

Thus, you can find that the .22-250 version is slightly affordable to use in most normal shooting cases.  

Quick Rundown Of 223 Remington 


  • Affordable
  • Suitable for semi-automatic rifles
  • More common
  • Reputation for versatility


  • underwhelming speed

Quick Rundown Of 22-250 Remington  


  • Powerful 
  • Great Velocity
  • Suitable for bolt-action firearms


  • Rare

Bottom Lines 

Suppose you are still here with us until these last words; we believe that you have already satisfied your curiosity earlier about the comparison of 223 vs 22-250. Furthermore, we hope you have concluded which cartridge is the better for your needs.

If you are a veteran of this field and always set a big target for yourself, you should prioritize the Remington 22-250. If you are a newbie and would like to experience more about hunting activity, the 223 Remington will be a perfect choice for you. 

Thank you for your company, and stay tuned for our next blog! See you soon!

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