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Useful Advice on Finding The Best Gun Safes Under 2000 (Must Read)

When their gun collections gradually expand, people start to think about a gun safe. A proper container will protect your firearms from moisture, fire, and physical damage. Additionally, a gun safe keeps your gun secured from people’s curiosity. It’s only you, the owner who should know the location and how to get them. You might wonder: What can […]

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Take Note Of The Best 1911 IWB Holster In 2020!

Handguns need holsters. And we need holsters more than just as accessories. A good holster will keep the gun always ready for you and prevents firearms from dropping while running. If you are seeking for a 1911 IWB holster, this article is for you. You’ll find below a guide on how to choose the most suitable holster. […]

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What Are M4 Feed Ramps? What Is The Benefit Of M4 Feed Ramps

You know what? Not all “mil-spec” features advertised on the product information are the real mil-specs. M4 Feed ramps on barrel extensions are a solid example. There are now thousands of upper receivers and ready-to-use barrels that have the cuts of M4 feed ramps. That’s an important thing since without the feed ramps, issues can arise when […]

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