Best 1000 Yard Scope in 2023 Takes Notice of the Optimal Features

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Why do we need the best 1000 yard scope?

Not only will it provide a better shooting experience but it also improves your precision.

So, to get a good 1000 yard scope, you ought to consider the optic quality, durability, weight, and accuracy. Of course, it also includes on the price.

Here, we have a list of the top scopes that suit your need and budget. 

Let’s jump right in!

What Is a Good Scope?

As previously stated, a good scope must meet the hunter/ shooter’s basic demands. The requirements include  durability, quality, light sufficiency, and precision.

In the lower price range, it will be difficult to get the best optics and you may have to make do with the inaccurate one that are  hard to adjust. And inevitably, the scopes in the higher price range are better. 

But, it is important that you find a scope worth paying for. Ensure that it meets two things: NEED and BUDGET.

How to Purchase the Best 1000 Yard Rifle Scope

When shopping, you might start thinking of questions: What should we buy? Is it good enough? How much? And more. It might be too late then and you might end up making a wrongly investment.

The best plan would be to fully prepare before starting choosing. With a scope in 1000-yard range, you need to consider:


This is one of the key factors when picking the scope.

There are differences between the cheap materials and the high-grade models. You should  look around and study the glass a bit to avoid buying a low-quality scope.

Range & Zoom

We have the certain range – 1000 yards. To ensure the correlation – the clear target when aiming, the capabilities are necessary.

Most experienced shooters tend to prioritize the magnification at least 18x in order to reach up to 1000 yards exactly.


You will encounter  many difficulties when shooting if your scope is hard to adjust.

Personally, we recommend purchasing an adjustable scope because it easily meets the demands to get  a precise shot.

The majority of the scopes provide the adjustments done on the side to users. This is useful for shooting in elevated locations with plenty of wind.

Turret & Reticle

In fact, the Mil-Dot reticle system is the excellent selection when it comes to adjusting and aiming. The design of the reticles supports the adjustments while the turrets are commonly utilized to do these adjustments.

Another good option is the MOA reticle. Although it doesn't match up to the Mil-Dot reticle, it is also helpful for making adjustments and aiming.

The last one depends on what your need and preference are.

Our Reviews – Best 1000 Yard Rifle Scope

Looking for some suggestions for the best 1000 yard scope? We have just the thing you need. Here is our products list:

The first scope in our list is scope from the Bushnell – the Bushnell Elite Tactical G2DMR FFP Riflescope. It has full of optimal features for shooters.

The model is made from the high-grade materials for lasting use.

It has equipped a 50mm objective lens, along with 6-24x magnification. This magnification is helpful for target closing before you pull the trigger.

The clear image will surely impress you.

You can look at what the riflescope line offers. It features Ultra Wide Band Coating that helps to boost brightness at dusk and dawn.

In addition to that, the manufacturers also include protection equipment for the scope.

The outside of the lens surfaces is coated Rainguard HD to maintain a better view. Thanks to that, you always get the flawless sight pictures even when using in severe conditions.

The Bushnell also purges their G2DMR FFP Riflescope with argon. The purpose is to provide optimal reliability.

Being one of the finest riflescopes on the world for long-range shooting, this scope offers superior accuracy and visibility across the whole magnification range.  

Furthermore, a G2 Designated Marksman Reticle mil-hash marked FFP reticle is a great design for windage correction, ranging, and holdover. As a result, you will get an effective shooting environment. We especially love this feature.

After all, we recommend this scope to all shooters who highly value the quality.


  • The eye relief is excellent
  • Lower power has good low light visibility
  • The tough finding flip cover for the objective lens
  • It might zero at 100 with a 20 MOA rail
  • The reticle is easy to read and use


  • Expensive
  • The scope is heavy
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Moving to the second scope – the Mueller Target 8-32x44mm Riflescope, it makes the most of the construction as well as the features offered.

Exactly, what is it good?

Starting with the construction, the scope from Mueller is built-in the high-quality glass for long-range shooting effectively.

The optic system is very powerful. The 8-32x magnification – a very high number surely provides clearer images within 1000 yards. With the smaller targets, you can exactly aim.

What about drilling the X ring? – No problem

Apart from hitting the target, this Mueller riflescope also allows you to drill the X ring as expected.

The eye relief constructed in the Muller Target is another strong point. The 4-inch eye relief offers a lot of clearance for the bigger calibers. With this distance, you might avoid the bad cases of scope eye when applied a long-range caliber.

For an objective lens of 44 mm, you can utilize medium or low mounts and keep the position of the scope close to the barrel. What a good it is!

Moreover, if you want to do the adjustments on the fly, the Mueller also features the finger-tip target turrets. You can adjust them for your demand.

Looking at the exposed features of the Mueller – the high accuracy and the optimum capacity, this scope is value for the money to get the good 1000 yard scope.


  • The scope holes zero well
  • The reticle is very fine making it easy to spot small target
  • The glass is quite clear
  • The elevation and windage adjustments are fine
  • The target image is sharp


  • The parallax adjustment is not too effective
  • The cross hairs seem thick
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If you are looking for the best 1000 yard scope for your weapon, the Nikon will not make you disappointed. The represent is the 6-24x50mm FX1000 Riflescope.

First of all, the Nikon equips the proprietary FX-MOA reticle. This is the optimal focal optical system utilized in the Nikon FX1000 scope.

Each reticle’s design helps optimize the sight. At once, it also provides essential tools for windage corrections, ranging, and holdover.

Don’t stop! Not only is the reticle design durable but also fine and detailed. Accordingly, the contrast is very great whether how the light condition is.

The Nikon also features high-speed turrets with integral zero stop.

The turrets built-in the 6-24x50mm FX1000 Riflescope include ten MRAD adjustments each revolution. Both get marked for quick adjustments and allow returning zero rapidly.

With that being said, you are easy to adjust the side parallax knob without changing your shooting position.

Plus, the constant eye relief will protect your brow from the risk and provide the best images for a variety of positions. We especially prefer this feature of the Nikon riflescope.

On the whole, it is safe to use. We like this scope. In case you plan to use this scope in the extreme condition, the O-ring sealed will prevent moisture from the whole body. And the nitrogen purged has the mission against shock.


  • The return to zero stop is simple
  • The turrets are grippy and substantial
  • Measuring with MOA is accurate
  • The glass is much clearer
  • Very tight and substantial construction


  • The stadia lines seem a bit thick
  • Expensive

On The Whole

Have you made your final decision?

From our point of view, we assume that it is not difficult to select the best 1000 yard scope.

It is important that you determine your need and budget. Based on these, you can start limiting your choosing range.  Always keep in mind that the chosen scope must meet the fundamental requirements.

The more expensive the scope is, the more outstanding features there will be. And The Nikon FX1000 Riflescope and the Bushnell Elite Tactical G2DMR FFP Riflescope are two bright names.

If your budget is limited, you can consider the left scope - the Mueller Target Riflescope

All depend on you. What is your choice?

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