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Get Crafty Using A Rattlesnake Skin!

Does the idea of a snake make you creepy? Or is it the other way round and snake meat makes you go yum-mmm? While snake skin is used as an effective treatment material, decoration is also possible with it. Bathroom or a silver plated bowl, every single article will get liven up with its use. Rattle […]

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Surviving with the Best Folding Karambit

What originated in Indonesia as an agricultural tool; today has become a prominent weapon for self-protection. Farmers used it for cutting, raking, rooting and pulling, but it later grew as a popular weapon, that is widely used in martial arts like Filipino and more as a means of self-defense. We have dedicated this post for to […]

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Myths Of How To Keep Feet Warm While Hunting Busted

The hunting season begins with winter and most hunters love pursuing their game out in the cold. Their love for the game is a beat for the season and hunters in general flock from all over the country to follow their hunt.  Actually, real hunters do not care much about the season as they know […]

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The Best Boot Knife Can Save Your Life

Do you like camping, hunting? Are you in survival industry? In either of the situations, you may already know that carrying a knife is a must in both the cases. In order to survive uncalled situations, you may need one. That said, it must be mentioned that you need to keep another knife handy, besides a […]

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  • Updated September 18, 2017
  • Hunting

Find Effective Ways To – How To Wash A Shemagh

Do you often carry a shemagh scarf? If you carry to beat the heat and dust when hunting or participate in a outdoor activity, then you must wash it on a regular basis. Otherwise, it will become the breeding place for bacteria and germs. Why take a risk? It is advisable that you wash your shemagh at least […]

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